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Depression Treatment Resource Page – Hypnotherapy And NLP

This is an information and resource page on depression treatment on the internet. It is offered for your information. does not necessarily endorse the views of other sites with regard to the treatment or therapies for depression.
The main page on this site outlining the way we utilise the latest models of Neuro-Linguistic programming and hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression.
A wealth of information regarding depression. Articles regarding therapy and treatment. Topics include scientific news.
Information includes – What is depression? What are the symptoms? What causes depression? What can I do to help myself? What treatments are available? hat if my depression is worse, or won’t go away? What can friends and relatives do to help? Useful organisations and further reading.
Informative easy to read piece about depression with the following categories:- What is depression? Who becomes depressed? How is depression diagnosed? Are there different kinds of depression? What can we do to reduce the risk of depression – social support, activity and exercise, diet, complementary therapies, taking control, self-help techniques. Where to get help? What treatments are there for depression? Further reading and resources.

The Association For Post Natal Illness
The Association for Post Natal Illness is a registered charity which provides support to mothers suffering from post-natal illness to increase public awareness of the illness and to encourage research into its cause and nature.

The Royal College Of Psychiatrists
A lot of readable information for the general public. Topics include:- General Leaflet, Alcohol and Depression, Depression in older adults, Depression in people with learning disabilities, Depression in the workplace, Post Natal Depression – all the preceding for anyone who is worried about themselves, a friend or a relative. Men behaving sadly, depression in young men, Antidepressants, for anyone who wants to know more about antidepressants, What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, useful information for anyone who wants to know more about Cognitive Behavioural Treatment, and Psychotherapy, useful information for anyone who wants to know more about psychotherapy treatment, Depression in children and young people, what young people need to know, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists – How they can help, and a host of other written and audio material.

Bupa has the following sections on depression: – Depression – the Facts – Symptoms and signs, treatment and outcomes, the basic facts about depression and its treatment. How your lifestyle can help overcome depression: Bupa makes the point that 20% of us will become ‘depressed’ at some point, which makes depression the most common mental health problem, and that adjustments to our lifestyle can help us to safeguard our mental health. Talking treatments are often used for conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress disorders. Antidepressants: Used for the treatment of depression. The two commonest forms are tricyclic drugs and serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Beat the winter blues: SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a serious cyclical depression.