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Fear Of Driving Testimonial

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Fear Of Driving - Testimonial

Fear of driving can take many forms and all of us have dealt successfully with driving phobia though the years. Read the ‘before’ and ‘after’ emails from a client who saw Kathy Welter-Nichols in Vancouver.


‘Hi Kathy,

This has freaked me out so much I was ready to not even go to Ottawa. It appears my fear of making the trip has spilled over to taint everything now. I look forward to getting a break from this 4 day freak out. See you Saturday morning 9am



‘Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know…after my initial session to overcome my fear of driving in inclement weather I was hoping to get back to see you but my schedule was too crazy. I wanted to also let you know that we drove across Canada, and with the exception of a minor head in lap episode going over the Coquihalla (there were probably 25 cars in ditches, over turned etc…) I was fine and had an amazing and magical trip through snow, ice storms (Chicago was mayhem, cars piled up on almost every corner on one stretch of town!). I am also fine driving in the snow in Ottawa and have found that I actually love the snow and the snowiness of this part of Canada. I am happy I did the session with you, it made a huge difference for me. So thank you! I also took your advice on the evening primrose oil and am most impressed, I won’t go without it now. May you be blessed with spring soon!



Whether you fear driving in bad weather, whether you can only drive a few miles from home, whether you can’t drive on motorways or freeways, it IS possible to change and have your thinking retrained so that you can be comfortable and control of your thoughts and feelings. When you overcome this particular kind of phobia you will feel a great sense of freedom.