Phobias And Fears – The ‘Miscellaneous’ Index

Despite the fact that these phobias are very different, it is possible to cure any and all of them with hypnotherapy and NLP

Miscellaneous Phobias and Fears

The fears on phobias on this index page are listed her for convenience of organisation as they don’t fit neatly into another category. They aren’t necessarily related to each other, even remotely. They are all fears and phobias that we have dealt with successfully, however, and include agoraphobia and claustrophobia (two fears that are sometimes related). You will also find links to further information on how we cure various ‘transport’ phobias such as the fear of driving, trains and lifts. Other common phobias include death and/or dying, loud noises, bridges, water, swallowing and choking. Then there is the fear of terrorism, or terrorist activity, and lastly the more generalised fear of failure.