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Creative Thinking – How Hypnotherapy And NLP Can Help You

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • How good would it be
  • If you could be in the creative flow?
  • How wonderful will it be
  • When you reconnect with creativity?
  • You can enhance creative thinking.
  • Hypnosis and NLP works.

It is possible for you to be trained to think more creatively.  Whether you are an artist, a writer, a musician or simply someone who wants to be more creative solving problems, NLP and hypnotherapy can be utilised to train your mind (and body) to go into those ‘flow states’ where everything comes easily to you.

Overcome Writer’s Or Artist’s Block

Sometimes it seems as though new ideas will never come. You stare at the paper, or the monitor, wishing that something would come to mind so that you could begin, or continue with, whatever project you have in mind. The states of mind that some people experience at those times when nothing seems to flow tend to include such emotions as anger, anxiety, depression, boredom and despair.  These emotional states act like ‘vicious circles’ in the neurology, and they stop the creative juices from flowing.

How Are You Going To Help Me To Think More Creatively?

Well, firstly by working with you to diminish the kinds of negative feelings we have just mentioned.  But more importantly, we work to establish powerful links in your mind to those times when you have been in the creative flow. Everyone has had times when they have felt creative, been in touch with their ‘muse’, so to speak.  The combinations of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy that we utilise aim to literally recondition your thinking to allow you to go into creative states more automatically, and also at will.

Working Directly To Enhance Creative Thoughts

Hypnotherapy is often used to relax someone to the point where their unconscious mind finds it easy to access those times and places where creativity just flowed. We then work to train your thinking to begin to attach those feelings of being ‘in the flow’ to times and places in the future when it would be appropriate for you to be in this kind of state. We use ‘anchoring’ techniques, basically building a conditioned response to a ‘trigger’ and then using this created ‘anchor’ to help train your neurology to be able to go into states of creativity both automatically and at will. It’s easier to experience than explain.

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