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I just wanted to thank you for helping me lift the ‘ugly veil’ that I was wrapped on, I am liking myself and being able to see what I really look like, keep the focus on my goals, and forget all the negativity I used to have in my mind.

First Colleen sent this enquiry regarding self motivation and controlling her weight

Hello Steve,

I have read the article about NLP on this month’s Glamour Mag.

I thought I would drop you a line to ask some info about the way you work, I have been trying to loose weight for the last year and have had no joy! I was exercising last year but since I got back from holidays last Jan I’m finding very hard to keep motivation high as well.

Could you please tell me how do your sessions work, how many sessions on average are needed for cases like this and also the costs involved?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


I saw Colleen for two one hour sessions. One month later she sent this testimonial…

Hello Steve, it’s Colleen here.

First of all, thanks for the CD you sent me. (Click Here for information on Duncan McColl’s brilliant Weight Control CD) Once again, I can’t really remember much, but it makes me relax and it does a great job.

Just to give u an update, I already lost 2 kilos! I have been going to the gym everyday, not feeling tired, eating very well, and not stressing about it!

I am very happy and will keep you updated from time to time, thanks sooo much for all your help!

All the best,


David came to see me for hypnotherapy and NLP for weight control…

I saw you for a couple of sessions a year or 18 months ago now and did not realise you had an email address. Having found it via a web search form Michael Breen’s web site I just wanted to thank you.

After our couple of sessions I did find a new determination to work on my weight and entered the London Marathon for 2005, which I have just completed. Having lost 2 stone now I put a great deal of the credit down to the initial help you gave me all that time ago. J

Thanks and hope you are well.