Help For Trichotillomania

Help for trichotillomania

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You Stop Compulsive Hair Pulling

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Do you suffer from Trichotillomania?
  • Want to stop compulsive hair pulling?
  • How much better will you feel,
  • When you hair pulling habit is over?
  • Help for Trichotillomania
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP.

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‘Can I please cancel my appointment for Monday, not only does it seem you have stopped my hair pulling…’

Trichotillomania (TTM), sometimes abbreviated to ‘trich’, is a disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterised by the pulling out of body hair, usually from the scalp but also quite commonly from the eyebrows and eyelashes. Some people compulsively pull hair from the torso, limbs and pubic area. Sometimes it is described as an obsessive compulsive disorder, sometimes as a general anxiety disorder and research is ongoing into the cause.

Help for trichotillomania. It is not necessary for you to find, or know, the cause of the problem.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to find the ’cause’ or understand the ‘meaning’ of the habit of hair pulling, because however it started, it has simply become established in the neurology as a pattern of behaviour.

You CAN stop pulling your hair out

It is eminently possible to get someone to stop hair pulling using similar sorts of hypnotherapeutic and neuro-linguistic approaches as those used for other physical habits such as nail-biting, and the resolution is often speedy. That is, there is no need to spend any time looking for where the problem came from, or ‘deep hidden meanings’, as the response is simply reconditioned using straightforward direct techniques. Where the hair pulling is one symptom of more generalised anxiety then treatment is also given to resolve the anxiety.

Help for trichotillomania. How long will it take?

We expect, on average, to see you for 2 – 4 hour long sessions to resolve hair pulling problems, though on occasion one session has sufficed.

Trichotillomania Testimonial

Caroline originally came to see us to get us to stop her compulsive hair pulling. She had suffered from trichotillomania for many years. When we sorted that problem we helped her to stop taking cocaine. In total we saw her three times…

Hi Steve

Can I please cancel my appointment for Monday, not only does it seem you have stopped my hair pulling and cocaine habit, but I have just found out that I am pregnant, recently we were told we could not have any children without treatment.

Not quite sure what you did but it worked.

I will keep in contact.

Many Thanks


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2 Responses

  1. Katherine jarvis says:

    Hi, ive suffered with tirch since I was about 8 im now 20 and ive never mannaged to completely stop. I’ve just had a little boy and my pulling has since become more off a habit again. I want to get this under control, the more I pull the more depressed I get so the more I pull. Ive been to many councillors but they always made me feel more anxious or upset so id pull even more! I dont know what you have to offer but im hoping you can help 🙁
    Katherine x

    • steve says:

      Hi Katherine

      Sorry to hear that and congrats on your little boy. We don’t do counselling we train the mind to help you recondition this kind of behaviour. Trich is a really common issue, sometimes it is sortable quickly, sometimes we have to spend more time helping you resolve other issue. Either way we aim to be as quick and effective as possible. Please contact one of us from the info at the foot of this page and we will see what we can do for you, Steve Tromans, London.

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