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For many years the pattern of my life has been dictated by addictive behaviour and I’d reached a stage where I stood to lose much of what I’ve worked for. I sought Steve’s assistance in an effort to break the cycle and the results have been little short of miraculous.

Jim wanted to end years of addiction to cocaine…

A single session has enabled me to take conscious control where before I was led wherever my urges would take me. My overall outlook is more positive. I’m fitter and healthier as a result of controlling my excesses. There’s nothing I don’t like about what I’ve achieved as a result of what Steve has taught me.

I will confess a certain scepticism prior to meeting Steve but the results speak for themselves. I have no reservations in recommending Steve’s methods to anyone. I won’t promise that everyone will find the same rapid success that I did but, as either a first or a last resort, give it a shot.


“Clean and serene” to quote Betty Ford.

Philip’s ‘recreational use’ of cocaine was wrecking his home life and the habit was decreasing his performance at work. I saw him for one double session.

Hi Steve

Just to say that it has definitely worked. One of my friends will be in touch shortly because he also wants to stop using cocaine.

Many Thanks


Caroline originally came to see us to get us to stop her compulsive hair pulling. When we sorted that we helped her to stop using cocaine. In all we saw her three times…

Hi Steve

Can I please cancel my appointment for Monday, not only does it seem you have stopped my hair pulling and cocaine habit, but I have just found out that I am pregnant, recently we were told we could not have any children without treatment.

Not quite sure what you did but it worked.

I will keep in contact.

Many Thanks


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