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Stop Smoking Cannabis

Stop Smoking Cannabis - Marijuana Testimonial


I tried everything.


NLP worked for me totally.

Laura saw Jeff for one two hour session to help him to stop smoking cannabis and a lifetime of dependency on smoking weed ended there and then.

Hi Laura

Well where do I start, at the beginning I hear you shout

I started to smoke cigarettes aged 8 and progressed to smoking hash aged 12.

Over the years, with concerted effort, I reached 60 cigarettes and 1/8 hash per day aged 21.
I then drifted through the rave years and enjoyed every single moment.

Cigarettes dropped to 10 per day (when I was at work as I couldn’t smoke weed there) as I had now turned my attention to weed (oh beautiful weed, my best friend for the next 16 years)

I would rush home from work, skipping the invitation of a drink with work colleges, to get stoned; proper stoned; as we say

If I couldn’t get weed I would smoke hash, just to stop climbing the walls. I sold weed. I grew weed. I borrowed money to smoke weed.  I even only took the kids on holiday to places where I knew I could get weed. I smoked in front of my three lovely sons saying, “there is nothing wrong with it”  Guess what, my eldest son (step but lived with me since he was 5) left school 6 years ago and still has no job. He just smokes the day away, only stopping to sell a bit to feed his habit. How do I feel about that……………. I will let you answer that one. I hope I have stopped in time so that my two boys don’t do it, aged 9 and 12. Progressing to a job based from home and three ounces of weed per week seemed heaven.

I woke up one day and thought hmmmmmmmm. I can hardly breath, I stink, the house stinks, I am on my own. I guess what I’m saying is I wanted to give up for loads reasons but mainly coz I had had enough.  After my 2 hour session with you, I smoked 6 puffs of a cigar three different times over the next four days and then haven’t had a smoke of anything for 8 weeks today and I feel great.