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Cocaine Treatment Testimonials

Stop Taking Cocaine With Hypnotherapy & NLP - Testimonials.

Cocaine Treatment Testimonials

Posted on: May 15th, 2012 by Graham Philpot

For many years the pattern of my life has been dictated by addictive behaviour and I’d reached a stage where I stood to lose much of what I’ve worked for. I sought Steve’s assistance in an effort to break the cycle and the results have been little short of miraculous.

Jim wanted to end years of addiction to cocaine…

A single session has enabled me to take conscious control where before I was led wherever my urges would take me. My overall outlook is more positive. I’m fitter and healthier as a result of controlling my excesses. There’s nothing I don’t like about what I’ve achieved as a result of what Steve has taught me.

I will confess a certain scepticism prior to meeting Steve but the results speak for themselves. I have no reservations in recommending Steve’s methods to anyone. I won’t promise that everyone will find the same rapid success that I did but, as either a first or a last resort, give it a shot.


“Clean and serene” to quote Betty Ford.

Philip’s ‘recreational use’ of cocaine was wrecking his home life and the habit was decreasing his performance at work. I saw him for one double session.

Hi Steve

Just to say that it has definitely worked. One of my friends will be in touch shortly because he also wants to stop using cocaine.

Many Thanks


Caroline originally came to see us to get us to stop her compulsive hair pulling. When we sorted that we helped her to stop using cocaine. In all we saw her three times…

Hi Steve

Can I please cancel my appointment for Monday, not only does it seem you have stopped my hair pulling and cocaine habit, but I have just found out that I am pregnant, recently we were told we could not have any children without treatment.

Not quite sure what you did but it worked.

I will keep in contact.

Many Thanks


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Binge Eating Testimonials

Posted on: May 15th, 2012 by Graham Philpot No Comments


I used to wake up in the morning feeling really down remembering what I had done the night before and now I feel fantastic and happy, and am getting so much done.

Antonia had been binge eating for years…

Dear Steve

Thank you so much for your help in getting me to stop binge eating. Now I no longer find myself snacking from the fridge at the middle of the night and I have lost about a stone and a half as a result of your work.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to others with binge eating problems. Your therapy has simply changed my life

Thanks again

Antonia B

Gemma had binge eating problems

Dear Steve,

It was good to meet you on Monday and as promised I’m dropping you an email … so far, so very very good! My thoughts and behaviour around food are DIFFERENT in just that one session. I’ve been away for a few days and have just eaten what I want, when I want without adding up the calories or skipping meals cos I had a pudding etc. Food and calories don’t obssess my thoughts anymore, and a binge hasn’t crossed my mind – quite amazing!

Many thanks, really appreciate your help.

Warm good wishes


Anger Management Testimonials

Posted on: May 15th, 2012 by Graham Philpot

It’s Jo! The angry girl … or rather the not so angry girl any more!!! ha-ha I don’t know what you did to me … but it seems to have worked a treat!

I saw Jo regarding her anger management therapy issues for three hours in total…

Hi Steve

I went on holiday with my boyfriend … and at the end of it he told me he couldn’t believe the difference in me, especially the change in how I respond to issues that usually cause an outburst … and ironically it was him that had a few angry issues of his own …. and now I’m helping him!!! Very strange but very true!! I’m leading by example as you put it!!!

I’m going to go it alone and see how I do for the next few weeks …. but I’ll be sure to get in touch if I need a calmness top up!!!

Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!!

all the best,
Jo 🙂

Dear Steve,

Just want to thank you for helping me. When I came to you I had real concerns over my inability to control my anger. My outbursts and reactions to situations were getting more and more extreme and I knew that if I did not seek help it would have serious consequences for myself and my relationship.
Having never sought therapy before I freely admit that when I searched on the internet for anger management therapy I did so with a certain amount of scepticism (especially about whether it would work!). Luckily when searching, your name appeared! From the first session I really felt I was ‘back on track’. In fact only the other day my partner turned to me and said that he did not know what had happened, but he felt that he had got back the woman he had fallen in love with 6 years ago.

Kind regards,

ps. All true! Sorry if I rambled on a bit! Actually Andy did also say that for the past month or so I have been so wonderful, understanding and just a beautiful person that it is freaking him out!!!!!’

It took two sessions of ‘anger therapy’ to resolve Alan’s ‘anger management’ issues…

I visited Steve after my family not very gently pointed out to me that living with a grumpy, intolerant, frowning man was not fun. Having finally conceding they may have had a point, I explored anger management on the Internet and finally landed on Steve’s website.

After two sessions with Steve I was told that I was fun to be around again. Ten months on and life is still great. Without the tedium of exploring the reasons for my behaviour, Steve helped me to adjust my responses so that following treatment the ill-temper was no longer a dominant aspect of my personality. The beauty of his methods is NOT that he equips people with a set of tools (breathe deeply, count to 10, imagine you’re on the beach) to deal with the problem – as many other approaches seem to favour – but that he simply helps the grumpiness to not arise in the first place.

I cannot recommend Steve highly enough. I have already suggested to friends that they use him and those that have, have not only enjoy the experience but have also been delighted with the results

Best Regards Alan.

Viv had got into a habit of losing her temper far too quickly with her husband and children and although she had felt very guilty about shouting and screaming at them over minor things, she had been unable to control the outbursts of anger. She had also become worried and anxious about having sex with her husband, a fact that had seriously affected their physical relationship…

Hi Steve

I though that I should report back to you on the effects of my sessions with you.

I am finding it much easier to control my temper with the children and am enjoying them more than I have for a long time. Things with my husband have taken a giant leap forward too, without going into too much detail in an email!

Thank you so much for your help.

Best Wishes


You Can Stop Eating Too Much Chocolate

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by Graham Philpot

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Are you a chocoholic, a chocolate addict?
  • Is addiction to chocolate harming you?
  • What if there is any easy way to cure this?
  • How much better will you feel?
  • There is a cure for chocolate addiction,
  • And the cure is hypnotherapy and NLP.

Read success story »

‘Just a quick note to say a big thank you!! I have not had any chocolate/cakes or biscuits…’

Addiction to chocolate can be very serious

To those unfamiliar with this problem, addiction to chocolate may seem trivial. In extreme cases, though, it can be life threatening.

Most clients we see for this are not, however, on the point of killing themselves and have simply found themselves inside the habit of eating too much chocolate, often several times a day, every day.

The Direct Approach

The easiest, most straightforward way to get you to stop eating chocolate is to use simple aversion. This does not mean that we show you a piece of chocolate and plug you into the mains. We just use basic techniques to associate chocolate with something you would find very unpleasant to eat.

The desire for chocolate simply disappears

I have noticed with clients that I have helped in this way that they do not subsequently feel disgust or revulsion when they see chocolate, it is just as if all desire to eat it has faded away and is neutralised.

There was a period of two or three years when I stopped using hypnotic aversion, convinced that there must be a more elegant solution. There are more elegant solutions, but they usually don’t work as quickly so I reverted back to the proven techniques as they simply work the best and the fastest.

How long will the treatment take?

Usually this is a one session treatment, although occasionally it takes two or three.

‘Chocolate Addiction’ treatment Testimonial

Denise had a serious addiction to chocolate, and also an addiction to cakes and biscuits. I saw her for one session

Hi Steve,

Just a quick note to say a big thank you!! I have not had any chocolate/cakes or biscuits – ( well I had a scone, but I’m pretty sure that wont matter)

I have recommended you to everyone I have spoke to so hopefully my friends will be in touch. (I think my sister in law already has an appointment)

Anyway thanks again,

Take care.


Cannabis Treatment Testimonials

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by Graham Philpot


I tried everything.


NLP worked for me totally.

Laura saw Jeff for one two hour session to help him to stop smoking cannabis and a lifetime of dependency on smoking weed ended there and then.

Hi Laura

Well where do I start, at the beginning I hear you shout

I started to smoke cigarettes aged 8 and progressed to smoking hash aged 12.

Over the years, with concerted effort, I reached 60 cigarettes and 1/8 hash per day aged 21.
I then drifted through the rave years and enjoyed every single moment.

Cigarettes dropped to 10 per day (when I was at work as I couldn’t smoke weed there) as I had now turned my attention to weed (oh beautiful weed, my best friend for the next 16 years)

I would rush home from work, skipping the invitation of a drink with work colleges, to get stoned; proper stoned; as we say

If I couldn’t get weed I would smoke hash, just to stop climbing the walls. I sold weed. I grew weed. I borrowed money to smoke weed.  I even only took the kids on holiday to places where I knew I could get weed. I smoked in front of my three lovely sons saying, “there is nothing wrong with it”  Guess what, my eldest son (step but lived with me since he was 5) left school 6 years ago and still has no job. He just smokes the day away, only stopping to sell a bit to feed his habit. How do I feel about that……………. I will let you answer that one. I hope I have stopped in time so that my two boys don’t do it, aged 9 and 12. Progressing to a job based from home and three ounces of weed per week seemed heaven.

I woke up one day and thought hmmmmmmmm. I can hardly breath, I stink, the house stinks, I am on my own. I guess what I’m saying is I wanted to give up for loads reasons but mainly coz I had had enough.  After my 2 hour session with you, I smoked 6 puffs of a cigar three different times over the next four days and then haven’t had a smoke of anything for 8 weeks today and I feel great.