Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 6/

Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 6

Chronic Bulimia Problems - Testimonials

Just a quick email to update you of my progress. Doing fantastic!! Have not been bulimic since I last saw you four weeks ago. I am eating much more healthily and can’t believe I haven’t even had the urge to binge!

Michaela did bulimia thoroughly, for years, her situation was certainly regarded as chronic…

Hi Steve,

Having previously suffered with bulimia for 7 years, i had given all different kinds of therapy a try..anti-depressants on numerous occasions, counselling, many times, books, homeopathy and hypnosis.  The bulimia was very cyclic and i found that as my studies progressed and my life got stressful in certain parts i would binge and be sick. It was not rare for me to do this up to 6 times a day, everyday.

As each treatment failed i really did lose hope as nothing was working for me. I felt like i was going mad and i was spending so much money too.  I came across Steve’s website accidentally and gave him a call.  I arranged a visit to london and booked into see him for 2hours.  After the therapy it was as though a huge switch had been flipped in my head and i kind of knew i would never bulime again.  As i was on holiday from work i thought that perhaps it was because life was stress free and that is why i was being sick. But its been 3 weeks now since i saw Steve, life is back to normal and I’m even stressed out with exams and i havent made myself sick and know i never will again.  3 weeks has been the longest period for me of being free of bulimia in 7 years and it’s all thanks to Steve!
Thank you so much Steve, for all you have done. You really have changed my life and i feel fantastic.

It doesn’t seem enough but all I can say is thank you.  Keep on doing what you do!

All the best


Anna had chronic problems with bulimia for fourteen years. I saw her three times…

Hi Steve

I feel like it happened to someone else.  Whenever I thought about it in the first few days I got the repulsive image of a huge me stuffing my face!!

This is the longest I have ever gone without binging at least once.  Although I still worry about gaining weight I can honestly say I’ve not even gained a pound!  I’ve had much more energy and have single-handedly transformed my garden and erected a 12ft trampoline for the kids!!

I’m crossing my fingers that the change is permanent, but I really do feel like something’s changed and I cant imagine doing it again.

I had a couple of really stressful situations to handle and still haven’t lapsed.  I still have no idea of what you did or how but cannot believe in three sessions you’ve broke a  habit of 14 years.

Thank you so much.  Will keep you updated of my progress.

Thanks again

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