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After one session with you, the bulimia stopped. I didn’t even think about it or even have to try to not be sick. It just happened.

Gillian was a fourth year medical student. She had experienced many forms of bulimia therapy.

Dear Steve

I never thought there was anything that could help Bulimia. As a medical student, I was taught that eating disorders take years of therapy, and they are never completely resolved. I had been sick, all day every day for almost eight years. I had been through so many forms of therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and C.B.T. For me, none of it worked.

I began to eat a normal healthy diet and felt like I had been eating this way for years. I am confident that I will never be sick again.

Thanks Steve


Kelly was another client who had spent years trying many a bulimia therapy. Most of which had focussed on trying to find where the problem came from. Some just tried to help her rationalise her behaviour.

Hi Steve

I was very nervous about coming to see someone about my bulimia, I had tried so many approaches and didn’t really know what to think. I was being sick at least 3 times a week, and that was a good week, feeling insecure and generally down.

Immediately after the first session I felt amazing, full of confidence though not knowing why, and amazingly I haven’t been suffered from bulimia or been sick since. Not only that but I haven’t had to use any willpower and have just found myself eating healthily.

I had been through a number of counsellors and therapists and none of them had helped but I can definitely recommend your services for people with bulimia.

To be honest, I had come to you as a last resort, and I am so glad that I did!

Thanks again

Kelly S

Vanessa is a well respected psychotherapist. She has referred a number of people to me through the years. She recently updated me.

Hi Steve

Just thought I’d let you know that I haven’t touched a cigarette following that session with you three years ago except for a period of seven days a few months ago. This was when I was playing a part in a local amateur dramatics production which required that I smoke about ten cigarettes per show! After the week I stopped again and wasn’t even slightly tempted. I recommend your services wholeheartedly.

Incidentally Tania has been perfectly wonderful since seeing you for bulimia therapy and is utterly confident that the bulimia is completely behind her. (Tania is Vanessa’s niece. She was referred by Vanessa to me about six years for bulimia therapy. Tania had suffered from bulimia every day for a period of five years)

Best Wishes

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