Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 4/

Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 4

Bulimia Therapy

I have not been sick once since our meeting, I simply feel now that it is not an option anymore, after 15 years of binging and vomiting pretty much daily.

Sarah’s testimonial is self explanatory but we regard all of these testimonials as useful information about bulimia treatment successes.

Dear steve,

Sorry it’s taken me a while to e mail you, I really wanted to see how I went before I got in touch.  Well, it will be 3 weeks on Tuesday that I came to see you for help to stop ‘doing’ Bulimia.  Here goes..   When I reflect on this enormous change I can sometimes hardly believe it, so much so that it makes me rather emotional at my achievement.  I’m not sure how you helped me do this but it’s bloody well worked!  I have had a couple of days when I start to panic that I’m going to get fat, (I have not put on any weight, I’m not dieting and am eating normally, even foods that I used to view as bad) but I employ the techniques of positive visualisation that you helped create for me, it may sound vain but I visualise myself smiling, with glowing healthy skin, shiny hair and nails that grow (they have started to!), and I visualise myself and my son having loads of fun on holidays and playing in the sun and all the wonderful future events that we have to look forward to in our lives. Basically if I have a moment of doubt, I get road runner to buzz it away and I replace it with an image of a happy future filled with light! I guess if I keep thinking it it will become reality! Steve, if I’d carried on I would have died, I know my heart was under strain, I’d started to feel it and I was terrified, thank you, I truly think you have helped save my life. Will  contact you again with my progress.

Many heartfelt thanks, Sarah

PS when my son Sammy came back from his holiday he said to me “mum, there is something different about you, something even nicer than before”. These children are so intuitive aren’t they?! Needless to say I welled up inside with elation! It was the best thing that anyone could have said to me. Thank you again Steve, thanks so much for helping me see, think and therefore feel a different way, it’s wonderful x

Once Karen’s bulimia was sorted she was able to engage in life to the full…


Its Karen here, I am back at university now and I just wanted to let you know that since I saw you things have been going really well. I never wake up and worry what is going to happen in the day, but instead I look forward to the day and plan all the things I can do. I have  rediscovered my enjoyment of running and keeping fit and healthy and do not worry about meals or think bout food constantly. for the  first time in four years I feel free and able to enjoy all the things that my friends do without feeling worried, anxious and depressed. I am so grateful for your help, after trying in vain to get over this illness I finally feel that I have cracked it and can move on with my life. again, many

many thanks,


Donna had bulimia, pretty much every day, for four years. I saw her once…

Dear Steve

Just though I should drop you a line to let you how everything’s gone since I saw you last Tuesday.

Well, I can’t believe I’m typing this but I’ve gone a whole week without even a wobble towards making myself sick, no bingeing, to spaz outs when I’ve been confronted with a supermarket full of food! It’s the first Christmas for four years that I’ve not spent the evening making myself sick, and feeling horrible and guilty about everything I eat. I can’t explain how amazing this has been, it’s the first time in four years that I’ve really enjoyed going home, because whilst I am aware that food has been an issue for me…it’s suddenly not the be all and end all…which is a bloody miracle! The very idea of making myself sick seems totally alien to me…it’s truly the most bizarre thing!

I honestly cannot believe the difference, after years of therapy I thought I was stuck with this for life, without meaning to sound completely ridiculous you’ve totally turned my life around in just one hour and I only wish that every other person who’s stuck in the bulimic rut could hear about you.

Many MANY thanks!


The following is a quick note from a grateful mother…

Dear Steve

There has been a miraculous improvement in my daughter Wendy since her long session (2 hours) with you in Harley Street. The bulimia seems to have disappeared completely and she seems so much happier in herself. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

With Thanks and Best Wishes


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