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‘I never thought there was anything that could resolve Bulimia. I was taught that eating disorders take years of therapy…’

Consult Your Doctor

If you are suffer from bulimia then go and see your doctor. Always see your doctor to eliminate any treatable cause.

Bulimia Help

Bulimia is a cycle of binging and purging. It can just be eating and purging. This you know. The cycles of bulimia tend to be driven by feelings of fear. Poor self image is also a factor.  Anything you repeat often enough will tend to turn into a habit. So the bulimia seems to happen all by itself. Bulimia can become a habit you can’t quite control. This can lead to feelings of depression and self loathing. Feelings of anger and failure are common.

Is Going Over The Past Useful?

Well it can be useful for some people. But going over the past in to try to understand how it began often does not help. Neither in our opinion does searching for deep hidden meanings. This seems to us to be a long winded approach. It is also often fruitless. Our approach is quite opposite to many counsellors and psychotherapists. We work directly with the bulimia help you to change the patterns of behaviour. We use NLP principles and teach you HOW to think differently. We aim to help you to build flexibility.  We strive to help you think more usefully about food and eating. We work to help you control your feelings and behaviours. Here and now, in the present. It is not the usual treatment for bulimia. It is not therapy. It is training. Bulimia help at its best, in our opinion.

Hypnotherapy and Bulimia

There is no scientific evidence that hypnotherapy can help someone with bulimia. Not by itself.  We often use hypnosis as part of what we do so that the client is more relaxed. It helps when you are in a better state of mind to begin to learn how to think more usefully. Also hypnosis can be useful to help ‘copy and paste’ confidence. You are bound to be confident in some are of your life. Even if you are just confident that you can boil an egg well. We also give many suggestions that you start to eat more healthily. However we are in no way suggesting that hypnotherapy by itself can be really helpful in these cases.

Bulimia Help. Planning and Eating Disorders.

It seems to us that what everyone with bulimia has in common is ‘planning’. What we mean is this. Some wake up in the morning and plan what they are going to eat. They plan when and where they will purge. Others will say to themselves ‘today will be a good day’. They then start the day with the best of intentions. They will start breakfast or lunch or dinner. They will get to a point where they think, ‘I have eaten this much, I may as well keep eating, I can always throw up afterwards’. We suggest that you think of either of these thought patterns as ‘plans’. It’s not as if you do this deliberately. If you really had a conscious choice you would feel good. You would eat a healthy balanced diet. However, imagine what might happen if you were trained to ‘plan’ to eat well. Imagine what would happen if you were trained to think, in advance, of eating more healthily…

Bulimia Help. Fear and Bulimia

As we have said, bulimia is usually driven by fear that if the person doesn’t binge then they will put on weight. Unfortunately the activity of being bulimic often actually works against the body becoming slim, healthy and fit, For example, someone with bulimia and worried about their weight will often skip breakfast. If they were to eat something like porridge then their metabolic rate would increase. They would more effectively burn calories. Foods like porridge provide a long term energy release so that you aren’t ‘starving’ by lunchtime. Go see a nutritionist if in doubt.

Bulimia Help. Knowing about nutrition

Most people doing bulimia know more about nutrition than many nutritionists. At least that is the way it seems to us. After all, many people doing bulimia have been researching diets and nutrition for years. If you feel you dont know enough about nutrition then take action. Like we say, go and see a nutritionist.

Bulimia Nervosa and Conventional Medical Help

Just make sure you get appropriate medical help.

Bulimia Help. How long will all this take?

It is impossible to say. Everyone is different. This kind of education and training isn’t going to help everyone. What we will say though is that we always AIM to train someone quickly. There are many testimonials. Check the links below. You will find many examples of people saying that this work helped them retrain themselves very quickly indeed. Whilst we wish this were the case for everyone, it isn’t. But we will do our best to give you the bulimia help you need. Read an article from Elle magazine about Hypnotherapy And NLP For Bulimia »


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