Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 5/

Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 5

Bulimia Therapy

Bulimia Eating Disorders Information - Further Testimonials

For many years the pattern of my life has been dictated by addictive behaviour and I’d reached a stage where I stood to lose much of what I’ve worked for. I sought Steve’s assistance in an effort to break the cycle and the results have been little short of miraculous.

Laura, although super-fit physically, had done bulimia for many years

Hi Steve

Thanks for Monday. I do want to have another session but I have to work on Monday when we booked it for. Does it matter if its not that soon?

How have I done since the session. Well to be honest and I’m sure you’ve been told this before, it didn’t feel like it did anything . But then again what would you expect to feel – how do you know when you’re changed? the minute you stop/ days later / months later??? Afterwards when I came out I did feel more attached to the world somehow and not in the blur of my head that I had been when I went in. the last 3 days then, I haven’t thrown up. I have, however bought more chocolate than I was meant to but when I ate it I didn’t have the compulsion of ‘I’ve done it so I may as well carry on to destruction’ ….so I ate it and kinda wished I hadn’t but that was it. thats really good I think.

I have been practicing with the thinking as well. I can just about do the make it smaller and distant thing now if I really concentrate!! although I forget to do the replacing part mostly.

So I would like another session to make sure I stay not throwing up, and to clear up that I have still bought an unusual amount of chocolate each day…


A few weeks, and a further appointment later, Laura emailed me again

Hi Steve

I wanted to thank you again and let you know how well I’m doing. I’m completely doing great! Just like you said I even stopped having the mini-chocolate binges, and while I’m not eating 100% strict and weighing everything and timing it like on a pre-contest diet, it’s not even crossing my kind to seek out any ‘bad’ food. A couple of times I’ve thought, haven’t had any chocolate for ages, why don’t I have some today , then forget I was going to! I’ve even been round Sainsbury’s and only got the cat food! without feeling like.

It’s helping that I’ve fallen madly in lust with a guy who’s responding- but hey that’s what happens when I release the huge block between me and other people I guess!!!

Also since I saw you I’ve lost 7lbs and that’s without really trying. I knew it was making me hold water and extra fat- it was driving me mad.

I feel sure my results are permanent as they are now

Many thanks again


Nina had suffered from bulimia and related anxiety and depression and other issues for many years. Here is a summary of the results of her treatments from me

Hi Steve,

Here are my reflections on the nlp sessions with you:

Bulimia – I was bulimic for 13 years, bingeing and purging every single day, up to four times a day. I had tried numerous therapies (you name it I tried it). I was a bit hesitant to try NLP, but was reassured   by Steve’s confidence, sincerity and attention to detail. After just one session I felt a major change in the way that I think and feel. After a number of sessions, I was no longer doing bulimia, effortlessly.

Fear of being alone – I have been afraid of being alone for the past 20 years. This debilitating fear meant I could not be on a particular floor of the house on my own, my husband could not travel for work overnight, I could not walk in empty hallways or sit near windows in the dark and so on.  In one session, Steve managed to completely remove this fear from my system. Phenomenally, 4 days later I spent the whole weekend alone in my house and felt absolutely great.

Depression – No longer doing bulimia, I was still left with a deep depression. A sense of failure, low self worth, pessimistic outlook, and weakened mind and body state. In one session, Steve helped me change that, and I have felt confident, happy and far from depressed since then.

Self Confidence in a Group – Intimidated by groups of people, shy/introverted in social situations and generally very low on self esteem in a group setting, in just one session Steve helped me to regain my self esteem and act with confidence in similar situations.

All in all, when I reread this, I wonder who was this person who battered herself in so many destructive and hurtful ways? I can’t believe it was me. I feel very lucky to have met Steve as he is the only person who has been able to help me make a true difference in my life.

I recommend NLP (and Steve) as a highly effective healing method.

For those of you who are wondering what NLP is like – it feels like having a relaxing deep tissue massage, on your brain.



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