Online Skype NLP Treatments With Gina Pickersgill

Practical effective NLP to help you make the changes you want"Gina is one of a kind and has contributed to the world of NLP with her innovative use of new technologies and ideas. Gina has the ability to capture the hearts and minds of those she meets with her passion for doing good work and helping people become better at what they do in a gentle way" John La Valle - President of The Society of NLP"

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Online Skype NLP Treatments With Gina Pickersgill

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Gina Pickersgill

People come to see Gina for help with specific issues or when they become aware that something fundamental is missing in their life and don’t know what to do next.  Her focus is on practical spiritual life skills that can be applied to daily life in order to help maintain a much needed balance and a sense of inner peace at this time. An NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Society of NLP Trainer, Gina was privileged to have personally assisted Paul McKenna and co-creator of NLP Richard Bandler on their London NLP, DHE, Hypnosis and Easy Weight Loss seminars from 2001-5 as their scribe.  She has trained at the famous Findhorn Foundation on the Sacred Contracts tour with Carolyn Myss,assisted Robert Holden at Paul McKenna Training on his Positivity Seminar. She gained a degree in Sports and Exercise Studies in 1999 after which she introduced the concept of Lifestyle Coaching to Virgin Active Health Clubs. Her work being featured in Ultrafit Magazine, BBC,  Spirit and Destiny and High Spirits Magazine. She is also a published holistic article writer and regular contributor NLPLife Training Newsletter and Positive Health Magazine. She is the founder of The Healing Pool Magazine,much respected by her peers considered to be the most authoritive publication on NLP and Healing ever published.

Always at the cutting edge of NLP technology, she is now studying advanced NLP techniques with her friend and mentor Eric Robbie, The Society of NLP’s most respected meta master trainer who is a developer and transformer of NLP technologies. She is also a ‘officiando’ of the New Science of Creativity in her association as a friend and assistant to author of Punk Science, Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton having coached her personally using multidimensional sensibilities. A natural innovator, Gina has pioneered the delivery of NLP and life coaching in the virtual world of Second Life and enjoys helping people from all over the world gain a sense of clarity in all areas of their life on-line via her highly developed linguistic and sensory abilities.  An expert in designing bespoke interventions that are tailored to achieve the desired outcomes for her clients she can be available online for those that are not able to travel or who are oversees and need NLP coaching that would otherwise be inaccessible at a time that fits around your busy work/life schedule.

Gina’s Qualifications and Training

  • Honors Degree Sports and Business Studies – Roehampton University
  • NLP Master Practitioner – Paul McKenna Training
  • Society of NLP Trainer – Paul McKenna Training
  • Design Human Engineer, Level One – Paul McKenna Training
  • Business Practitioner of NLP – Paul McKenna Training
  • Diploma Lifecoching – University of Newcastle
  • Sacred Contracts part 1 and 2 – Caroline Myss Education Institute

Live virtual one to one sessions are available on-line via Skype by appointment only. Whatever your circumstances, call or email Gina now – and you’ll find she is waiting online eager to design and deliver the perfect solution for your specific issue.

Peer Endorsements

“Gina is one of a kind and has contributed to the world of NLP with her innovative use of new technologies and ideas.  Gina has the ability to capture the hearts and minds of those she meets with her passion for doing good work and helping people become better at what they do in a gentle way.  She has created an eZine resource for NLP.  It is original in nature and it is focused on Healing. The Healing Pool Magazine, as it’s called, is respected by her peers. She works to high standards and has been an experienced assistant on the London NLP Trainings with us.  She is quite influential and creative and I highly recommend her for individual coaching and corporate innovations, especially if you desire to gain the cutting edge scoop on psychological and technological developments.

John La Valle, co-author of Persuasion Engineering®, with Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP”

“Gina brings a much needed sense of spirituality and energy to the world of NLP. She is a pioneer at bringing her awareness and skill to a new and rapidly changing virtual realm. And with the publication of the Healing Pool e-zine, she has created a nexus of minds, taking NLP and other techniques toward new and exciting growth.”

Phil Farber – Author, Hypnotist and Licensed NLP Trainer

“Gina is a highly tuned sensitive intuitive who has a passion for the work that she does.She is creative, positive , compassionate , skilful and adepth and cares deeply for those she intreacts and works with.”

Brian Colbert – Co-founder, Irish Institute of NLP

“… She is a real talent in taking spiritual ideas into a new era combining her depth of knowledge with her incredible ease with certain new technologies.  She has already been featured in magazines and I think we will be seeing much more of her in the future as a real force in spirituality and NLP.”

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton – Author of  Punk Science

Client Testimonials

“The most impressive part of Gina’s coaching came in her ability to remind me of my own capability. I knew that in my search for freedom from my depression that I was too focused on external answers and I needed to believe in myself and find internal ones.”  John Chovanes – Physics Teacher – US

“There is a sense of serenity and acceptance about you that makes people feel comfortable around you.” ER – Ireland

“Thanks to Gina, one on one sessions as well as workshops. I’ve made significant leaps in my own personal development.”DC – Canada

“In search of answers that I’m finding hard to find in RL. Spent many years trying to find my way. At last, I’ve met Gina and NLP” BK – Germany

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