Harry Nichols - Hypnotherapy and NLP in Vancouver, BC

Harry Nichols is an internationally sought after speaker, trainer and coach. He has toured the world working with leaders, teams and groups developing the tools necessary to take their lives to the next level.

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Harry Nichols

Harry Nichols

He is a former apprentice of Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, creator of Design Human Engineering™ & Neuro Hypnotic Re-patterning™). Harry learned directly from Dr. Bandler the power of NLP and DHE™ in the creation of practical applications that impact positive results on an individual and corporate scale. Dr. Bandler has accredited Harry with the highest distinction as a Master Trainer of both NLP and DHE™. Harry’s movement into corporate training has been seamless. Prior to working with Dr. Bandler, Harry enjoyed over 20 successful years in the Printing and Advertising industry and as Sales Coordinator for a number of major charities in the UK and Europe. This experience with industry has made him a valuable commodity in North America and Europe as a sales/leadership trainer, coach, and as a seminar facilitator and keynote for a variety of clients. Harry’s global reputation has led to him being referred to as a “Master Change Facilitator”. Harry lives and works with his wife Katherine Welter-Nichols, in Burnaby, B.C. Canada. It is Harry’s voice you hear on the very successful CD recording of the ‘Adventures of Anybody’ written by Dr. Richard Bandler. Harry’s experience as a Master Hypnotist and Life Coach has given him a deep integral understanding of human nature, earning him a unique reputation as a “Master Change Facilitator. His wide range of knowledge also incorporates training and studies in Shamanic practices from around the world.


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