Hypnotherapist, NLP and DHE Master Trainer Barbara Stepp

Hypnotherapy, NLP and DHE in Chicago Illinois"Barbara Stepp has long been one of the best and up to date trainers. You'll find none better. This endorsement comes in the year 2000, not the stone age."

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Hypnotherapist, NLP and DHE Master Trainer Barbara Stepp

Barbara Stepp is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™, DHE™, No-Fault Psychologist and Certified PPT Practitioner, Hypnotist and Premier Coach. Barbara specifically enjoys private sessions with clients. She is an international trainer and works with clients around the world personally and professionally. A published author, her book and cd set, co-authored with Dr. Paul Varnas, focuses on mind/body health and is entitled, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Energy, But Were Too Tired To Ask. She is also creator of CDs, including Simply Hypnosis and, Licensed NLP Practitioner Training. Barbara also publishes a monthly newsletter, Stepp’s for Better Living. You can sign up for it at excelquest.com.


Barb teaches NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Design Human Engineering, Hypnosis and Reiki. She and her partner, Dr. Dave Dobson also do seminars on Other-than-Conscious Communication™ and No Fault Psychology™. You will experience Barb’s seminars as specific, thorough, practical, fun, playful and outrageous. People say that Barbara teaches “NLP™ with a heart.” She bases all her work on whatever is useful, whatever works. She believes in teaching hands-on, practical, useable information/ skills and does so with a sense of humor and enormous energy.


“Barbara Stepp will take you through your quest for excellence in the most elegant way that only she can. Barbara is vivacious, determined, funny, and energetic. She is a trainer who will make you laugh and feel good about yourself, and will latch on to a problem and not stop until you solve it.” She’s sort of like that cute little pink bunny with the drum, she just keeps going and boy are we glad! She is a true professional and an asset to NLP™. She is one of the few trainers we can refer people to and not have to think twice. We know they will be in good hands.”
John LaValle, President of the Society of NLP™

“Barbara Stepp has long been one of the best and up to date trainers. You’ll find none better. This endorsement comes in the year 2000, not the stone age.”
Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP

“We have worked together so many years and over that time, I have had the sincere privilege of getting to know you and seeing your loving heart at work. You are a beautiful lady inside and out!”
Anthony Robbins

“Barbara, you are an amazing coach and teacher and after taking your class for the second time, your level of skill is ever more obvious. And what fully stands out the most is your integrity, your passion and your love for others and for what you do.”
Tom Venuto, Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and Fit Over 40

“I am highly impressed and very thankful to Barb Stepp for this class. You are ours and we are yours! I can say it is the best experience I have ever had. I’m thankful.”
Milan Veskovic

“Tony Robbins paints a big picture, showing you what can be possible. Richard Bandler and Barb Stepp give you the palette, brushes, and techniques so you can paint your own possibilities and create new and wonderful realities. Barb is truly an awesome trainer and coach with integrity. It is a pleasure to be in her company. I have recommended her training to others and will gladly continue.”
Anne Jarmain
Blufton Agri

“Barb, You have a high level of professional integrity that is much needed in all fields involving change work. My thought, ‘This lady really walks her talk!’ You have a keen sense of praxis; making theory real world and applicable. My thought, ‘ Why isn’t all training kept this simple and reality based?’ Anyone who wants to sleep through a lecture had better go elsewhere. Your use of accelerated learning and lots of hands on integrative learning experiences…Wow! What a rush! From day one this is a nonstop learning roller coaster on greased tracks! Everyone likes to do business with people they can trust and who are just plain nice. You more than qualify. The only thing I might have left is about your cape and the red S on your chest. I highly recommend Barb’s training, whether it be NLP™. DHE™ or Hypnosis!!”
Michael Barr, President
Necktop Computing Inc.

“Barbara’s excellent abilities and skills in coaching and training, along with her intuition, provide an educational experience, as well as an emotional evolution of one’s persona. Simply put, she teaches you how to take responsibility for your thoughts. I recommend that you take this opportunity to meet the real you. Delightful surprise is around the corner.”
Michael Krill

“This is fabulous training! From goal-setting to stress management to personal motivation. I recommend Barbara to anyone who wants to achieve both success and personal fulfillment.”
Jimmy Dale Love, FNAHCC, CPBC, EA
President, Professional Management Midwest, Ltd.
Chicago, IL

“Barbara Stepp is a master teacher and coach with a gentle, caring, and yet straight forward style. My training with Barb has brought greater certainty and higher level results for me and my clients. I consider my work with Barb and Excellence Quest as an investment that has extremely high R.O.I. (return on investment)! For more specific feedback, call me.”
Charles Wright
Charles Wright Communication
San Antonio, Texas


“Barbara made the classes so entertaining and they were so full of fun activities that I managed to understand and retain the concepts without any trouble. Since attending her intensive NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, I have become far more conscious about how I communicate with people. I really enjoyed being Barbara’s student. She has a personal and human touch. I learned so much doing the exercises that NLP has become part of my personal and professional life. Every day I learned something new. At the end of each day,we spent some time integrating what we had learned. We learned so much that I didn’t think there was any space in my brain to take in any more, but I found that it became stretched to accommodate the new material. I particularly enjoyed the demonstrations and end-of-day integration as they helped me to really absorb the new concepts.”
Suchada Sangsanguan
Managing Director, Intelligence Stategies

“I was looking for a real teacher that could teach me all the necessary NLP™ and hypnosis skills, rather than a ‘seductive seller’ that could only use them on me. I found this 9 hours from my home of Italy. Barbara taught me how to master the skills involved in both and also how to be not only a ‘seductive seller’ but a competent connoisseur. Barbara has continued to teach and is available during and after the seminar and continues to be supportive of her students. Thank you, Barbara, my friend.”
Gianluca Polodiri

“Barbara Stepp and the Excellence Quest Institute has been an inspiration to me. The knowledge and skills I have gained through her coaching and training have been of great benefit to my clinical practice as well as stress management and improving relationships in my personal life.”
Eileen Grace
Registered Nurse
Hospice Program Coordinator
Kildeer, Illinois, USA

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