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Nick Kemp has been involved in personal change work since the late 1970s and first studied NLP in the 1990s and now trains others in NLP, Provocative Therapy and Hypnosis as well as being a member of the ANLP advisory and accreditation board.

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Nick Kemp

In 2000 Nick wrote and produced his first hypnosis audio CD “The Adventures of Well Being Now” and was courted by Anglo American Books who became the international distributor for all his products. Since then he has gained an excellent international reputation in the field of Personal Change and in 2008 has been asked to present his work at The Advanced Institute of Medical Health conference in San Francisco.

Nick is one of the few Provocative Therapy Trainers in the world, the founder of The Association for Provocative Therapy and has become a good friend of Frank Farrelly, the creator of Provocative Therapy, which uses a combination of god humour to assist with powerful client results. Nick’s own Provocative Change Works approach was showcased in his “Provocative Change Works for Phobias” DVD set which has commentary from Frank Farrelly himself.

Nick’s reputation in working with phobias led him to being courted by the BBC and in early 2006 Nick first began appearing on BBC radio on a weekly basis discussing and demonstrating how to remove phobias. His success in these endeavors led him to become a weekly guest appearing on an hourly slot. One of these candidates was Mary Craven who had a phobia of birds for over 53 years. After Nick cured her phobia she commented –

It was good to see you again last Wednesday, and to be able to demonstrate how your NLP has helped me to deal with my “Bird flapping wings” phobia. I can honestly state that following the NLP session, my fear of being near birds has gone. I am now able to walk outdoors, and I notice less and less as time is passing, any presence of birds. What can I say, I am a changed person with a higher level of confidence in dealing with not just birds, but other matters also. I’ve carried this burden throughout my adult life, and you’ve eradicated it with just one short session of NLP. This has been a life changing moment for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. No more free, free, because now I am FREE of this phobia.” – Mary Craven

The “short session” in this instance was just 15 minutes!





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