Doug O'Brien - New York City Hypnotherapist And NLP Trainer

Doug O'Brien is recognized world wide as the foremost authority on Sleight of Mouth, an NLP Persuasion skill.

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Doug O’Brien

Doug O’Brien

He is a certified NLP Trainer whose clear and engaging style of teaching has made him a much sought-after seminar leader and coach worldwide. Doug is equally comfortable introducing the principles of personal change to novices as he is challenging experts to finer levels of ability.

His expertise in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Sleight of Mouth might surprise some coaching clients who don’t see the serious structure behind the pleasant conversation, but it doesn’t fool the experts.

Doug may the only person that people as different as Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins recommend.

Doug, in addition to continuing running training courses in NLP and hypnosis, is now once again offering his services to help people with their personal issues, on a one-to-one basis.

Here’s what the experts say about Doug’s training work

Richard Bandler Co-Creator of NLP:

“I highly recommend Doug O’Brien of D.O.B. & A. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”

Robert Dilts, Co-Developer of NLP:

“I have known Doug O’Brien for many years and have been consistently impressed with his skill and integrity.  Doug is one of the rare teachers who is able to integrate NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, so that students develop both conscious and unconscious competence. I confidently endorse him as a trainer, and as a person.”

Anthony Robbins, Author of Unlimited Power:

“There are only a handful of people in the country whom I have personally trained and am totally confident in recommending. Doug O’Brien is one of these few!”

John LaValle, Co-Author of Persuasion Engineering:

“Doug O’Brien is that rare combination of humor, integrity and top-notch skills. If you want to learn NLP™, do this class.”

Dan Millman, Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

“I especially enjoy Doug’s sense of humor —how he combines compassion with a light-hearted spirit.”

Steven Heller, Author of “Monsters and Magical Sticks”

“Since dropping out of the teaching game, I’d really gotten out of touch. It was nice to see someone like Doug O’Brien in action. The hypno-biz is passing into good hands.”


“I heartily and unequivocally recommend Doug O’Brien as a practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery. His skills and knowledge in this area are first rate and he has consistently provided care to our patients that is professional and effective.”

Mehmet Oz, MD. Author of You The Owner’s Manual

“I had an absolute BLAST! I learned a lot, I laughed a lot. I would say to anybody wanting to take the class, TAKE IT!”

Tom Olsen



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