Debbie Williams

"What I love about NLP is its power and its effectiveness, and the speed in which you get the results."

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Debbie Williams

Debbie has helped a broad spectrum of diverse people from corporate clients to Olympic athletes. She has also helped many people with weight loss and associated issues. Many times after helping clients she has gone on to coach them to achieve the goals they previously thought unattainable

In 1994, Debbie started her NLP training and went on to be a graduate of the now famous year long program at Kings College, London with Dr Richard Bandler. She then assisted Richard and Paul McKenna in over 40 NLP courses, Debbie regularly receives referrals from Paul.

Since 1993, Debbie assisted one of the worlds most respected life coach Tony Robbins on his UK seminars for 10 years and has trained with various other innovative people too numerous to list studying Effective Counseling, Psychological Approaches for Pain Control, Understanding Depression, Solution Focused Therapy, Understanding and Stopping Addictive Behaviour, Accelerated Learning and Quantum Reading.

Debbie is a firm believer in giving back to the community and frequently teaches courses at Adult Education and local colleges.

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