Elizabeth Payea-Butler

Elizabeth Payea-Butler effectively blends NLP with DHE and combines it with Hypnosis in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Elizabeth Payea-Butler

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Elizabeth Payea-Butler

Elizabeth Payea-Butler a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ with a specialty in DHETM (Design Human EngineeringTM), continues to train extensively with NLP and DHE creator, Dr Richard Bandler, as well as John La Valle (President of the Society of NLP) and learn the power of combining NLP and DHE™ with Hypnosis.

Elizabeth currently keeps her skills up to date with an active private practice, as well as a busy training schedule. Her success is based on two guiding principles, get the job done, and use WIT (whatever it takes).

With more than 15 years of one-on-one session experience, Elizabeth has assisted thousands of people to simply return from the abyss and just be well.

By combining hypnosis, NLP and DHE, Elizabeth can assist you in changing your life forever.  She offers real solutions to what may seem to be insurmountable problems and difficulties.  Her light interpersonal and communication skills enable her to provide a safe environment for her clients to make positive changes and enhancements in both their personal and professional lives in a fun and easy way
Elizabeth believes in going beyond assisting a client to change, she believes in educating her clients to connect with the things that move them in the right direction, so it is little wonder that after assisting them, many have moved from being clients, to being mentored by Elizabeth and have achieved the goals they previously thought unattainable.

Elizabeth also has a unique style and gift for working with children and teens.  She recognized early in her career, all adults were once children, and many of the issues clients are hoping to change began very early in their lives.  Children and teens and young adults, living is this confusing time of change will be the world leaders of tomorrow, now is the time to address their issues and prepare them with response and planning skills for the future.  You can book a change session for your teens with Elizabeth, and you can enhance the sessions by enrolling your children in the NLP Kids Camp TM, or NLP Teen Leadership Program TM.

What are clients saying?

“I wanted to change or impact a lot of things in my life: behaviors, relationships, complexes and my commitment to achieving success. I was beginning to realize that I was responsible. Period. That the way things were was a result of my own doing. But I couldn’t understand it. And I certainly had no idea or confidence in how to go about changing it.
Elizabeth did. More than that, she had an unshakable faith in me as a person. Her courses and one-on-one sessions gave me the tools, the passion, and the confidence to take control in ways I had only Tenuously imagined possible.
Today, I continue to look forward to the one-on-ones I have with Elizabeth. They are a chance to laugh, refocus and get on with why I am here.
In short, Elizabeth Payea-Butler helped me change my life.”

Sean Howard – spinglobe inc

“When I first met Elizabeth I was so shy I could even make eye contact. Elizabeth helped me build my confidence and paved a path to my dream. Today I have my old business helping other shy guys step into confidence and build their dreams.”

Michael T.

“My attitude has changed. My ability to self-evolve has now become a part of what I can control and direct. Elizabeth Payea-Butler is the best coach and mentor I have ever worked with.”

Jeff Gignac – New Life Pathways

“Dearest Elizabeth
You brought me here. You showed me the way and I am abundant with gratitude. I thank you. You are my mentor and my guide. You are compassionate and wise. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

David Barkham – Dogfish Productions

“Dear Elizabeth,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness, patience, generosity of time, and most of all your sense of humour. Once again you have demonstrated that rules can be challenged and changed according to the situation.”

Wayne J.LePage – Artist

“Dear Elizabeth
I have greatly appreciated your teachings, your supportive presence and all our encouragement. Most of all, I thank you for permanently installing the fact that life is so much better when I maintain my sense of humour!!!”

Sandra L – Computer Operations Manager

First let me THANK YOU. This week as been the best competitive week of my life so far. Jos and Pasc are very confident…we see you everywhere, every time!! You are marvelous!! A thousand thanks would not be enough!”

Bruno Yvars – International Skating Coach

“Elizabeth worked with my 17 year old son to assist him in focusing on where he wanted to go in the future. She taught him skills for removing blocks and creating a plan for a compelling future. Today he has a full scholarship to one of the best Universities in the US and a plan for what to do with the course he had chosen. The investment was small compared to the return, more confidence and success for my son, and peace of mind for a mother.”


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