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The outcome is to help the client stop the cycle and triggers whether it is feeling bad, ashamed, stuck, panicked or distressed and help them get back on a path of peace and of choice.

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Menachem Schloss

Who is Menachem Schloss?

Fully qualified in the fields of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Menachem lives in Israel in the town of Beit Shemesh with his wife and children, where he runs a private practice, he also sees clients in Jerusalem and for people who live overseas via Skype.

Menachem’s approach

Menachem’s work is solution orientated whilst maintaining compassion for the client. The outcome is to help the client stop the cycle and triggers whether it is feeling bad, ashamed, stuck, panicked or distressed and help them get back on a path of peace and of choice. This is done by working through the unhelpful thought patterns that cause these symptoms or behaviors and training the client to change them. Hypnosis is often used in this kind of work to integrate the changes. This kind of approach is considered behavioral which means that the therapy is about focusing purely on changing the problem and does not involve too much of going into the past unless it is necessary.

What issues can Menachem help you with?

Some of the most common issues Menachem has worked with are: Anxiety – OCD – Specific Phobias – Fears – Panic – Social anxiety – Agoraphobia – Depression – Addiction – Feeling stuck – Lack of direction – Excessive anger – Shame – Self-esteem issues.

What you can expect?

Menachem will do what it takes to help you as his client to get good and effective results and solutions. To utilize the time most effectively you will be sent a form to fill out after your initial conversation with Menachem. The form will include a list of simple to answer questions that will help gain clarity on the issue. Sessions are easy going and relaxing.

What does this service include?

60 – 80 minute sessions

Weekly / monthly follow up emails (depending on the issue)

15 minute weekly Skype consultations for up to 6 months (on the particular issue)

Work with children

Menachem’s approach for working with children is to have them feel at ease rather than feel like they are working on a “problem”. Essentially it is about changing the child’s behavior or undesired feeling using indirect and innovative techniques (also based on NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy). Although Menachem will not use formal hypnosis with children, he uses storytelling and other applications of NLP & Hypnotherapy which can help change the negative feeling or behavior. In other cases where it is difficult for the child to talk, either due to their age of the issue they are dealing with, Menachem offers guidance to parents on how best to help their child.

What Menachem guarantees

As a client of Menachem Schloss you will be given all the attention you need.

If after a few sessions Menachem does not feel like the results are coming through the way they should be Menachem will not leave you hanging, you will be referred to a different expert in the field who may be more suitable.

My personal beliefs about people and about therapy

No matter what a person has been through every person wants to feel good and wants to know that they will not fall apart and lose control in any given situation. In some cases people suffering from emotional trauma try to push off going for therapy because they worry that the therapy will delegitimize the whole traumatic experience for them and then it will be as if they are not allowed to be upset or angry anymore. My approach is not to change people but rather to help them get back on track whilst teaching them how to deal with different situation’s as they come up.


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