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"Carol is passionate about helping you get to where you want to be, to heal and to transform, quickly and effectively. Employing powerful and elegant techniques, processes and ways of thinking learnt from studying and training in NLP, NHR and hypnosis with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Neill, John La Valle, Gabriel Guerrero, and in advanced sensory acuity and healing with Eric Robbie, she can help you achieve the results you seek."

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Carol Robertson

Carol’s qualifications and professional training include:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  2. Advanced Therapeutic Specialist of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (SNLP)
  3. Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (SNLP)
  4. Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (SNLP)
  5. Neuro-Hypnotic Re-patterning (NHR™)
  6. Hypnotic Practitioner as an application of NLP (SNLP)
  7. EmoTrance Practitioner
  8. Carol Robertson is licensed by the Society of NLP

Carol can help you achieve the results you seek. She also uses skills gained from training in EmoTrance and in animal communication with Amelia Kinkade and other highly regarded behaviourists. In addition she utilizes what she has learnt from applying an NLP attitude, the models and NLP skills in her own life since 1980. When she says that ‘being all that you want to be is possible, fun, exciting and fulfilling’ she radiates energy. Carol has overcome challenges such as bereavement, phobia, domestic abuse, injury, creative blocks and the loss of loved pets. She has also successfully lived her dreams, becoming an artist with work in public and private collections including Downing Street and HM the Queen and the trust and respect of high profile artists who she has worked with has been documented. Realizing in 1980s that some types of artist’s practice were hazardous she found new ways to make these safe and even more creative, becoming a business woman to fund the research. The resulting innovations and products are now used internationally, she has influenced change through teaching and consultancies, her books are published by Thames & Hudson and the experience of creating this change in a historic field was the subject of her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD). Living life to the maximum she hones her senses through creating a garden and home, cooking, listening to music and loving her family and pets. She trains her horses using positive techniques and has competed successfully with them. Always keen to grow, she is mentored by the meta master trainer Eric Robbie who is a developer of NLP. Carol has a deep understanding of enjoying life and the pleasures of seeing, listening, feeling and being aware, present and centered. Carol brings this wealth of experience to help you unlock your potential, feel brighter and attain your dreams. Sessions are available throughout Scotland by arrangement, or you may prefer your sessions to be in her peaceful art and book lined rooms or on sunny days in her secluded garden grounds set in Roslin Glen, Edinburgh.

‘Carol is one of the most amazing healers I know and is at the cutting edge of healing technology. Where she works at Eskhill Cottage is an amazing energy vortex where time stands still and healing takes place effortlessly. Healing just happens around Carol, as she has the insight of a mystic, the wisdom of a sage and the ability of the most sensitive animal to notice what needs to be back in balance. I highly recommend her to any one who feels they need to be healed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.’ Gina Pickersgill, Founder and Editor of The Healing Pool Magazine – NLP and Coaching Editions.

Whatever your circumstances, call or email Carol now – and you’ll find she is waiting with a smile, ready to help you move forward, quickly.

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