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Thanks for the session we had a few weeks ago, its been painless and satisfying to be able to choose how much to drink! (and often nothing) The desire/urge to drink has gone, so I now see only a ‘habit’ (need to fill the gap eg reading a book rather than sitting with a drink….great as I’m now reading two great books!)

David didn’t drink during the week but got absolutely hammered every weekend, very often for the entire weekend. The treatments for binge drinking took just one 2 – hour session.

Hi Steve, Thank you so much for seeing David last week. The session he had with you has had a very profound effect on him (he only drank one pint all of last weekend) and even he can’t believe how successful it has been. He feels as if he has been freed, has far more energy and it is obvious that his confidence is increasing by the day. He tells me that he isn’t having to try hard to avoid alcohol he just doesn’t want it. We are absolutely delighted and intrigued and would love to know how on earth you have achieved such dramatic results! Many thanks Maggie

Kathryn was suffering from binge drinking, binge eating, lack of confidence and anxiety…

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for the excellent work you did with me. Not only has my urge to drink heavily gone (I can now easily only drink 1-1.5 glasses of wine on an evening out without any urge for more – when before I could not stop when out with friends) but also I am noticing that I am eating sensibly without effort (and have lost 4 lbs already) and I feel much more confident and happy overall. In addition I am now sleeping well and also finding that I am not anxious when public speaking or in important client meetings. The result is therefore having a positive impact in both my work and my relationship. My partner said that since the hypnotherapy I am a changed person – in the positive – in all ways and we are both so grateful for your help. Thank you again. Kathryn

John had been a long-term binge drinker…

Steve, I am thinking of coming to see you again, maybe in a few months when I’ve designed more things I want- I’m going for how much pleasure can I stand! Keep up the fantastic work Best wishes John

Miranda is a senior health professional who had developed problems with regular excessive drinking (binge drinking). One session sorted things for her…

Hi Steve, Drinking normally now and delighted about that. Thanks a lot. My professional life’s been great in other ways too since I came to see you. Your session did a lot for my self belief and confidence. Thanks Miranda.