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Help With Asthma Hypnosis and NLP

Help with asthma

Hypnotherapy and NLP: Asthma Therapy

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • How much better will you feel,
  • When you can relax about breathing,
  • No longer anxious about asthma
  • When you reduce stress and anxiety,
  • Your body performs better.
  • Hypnosis and NLP may well help you.

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‘I don’t know what it is that you did do but after seeing you I have had no further bouts.…’

Help with asthma. Always follow conventional medical advice

Whilst we may well be able to provide effective help with asthma issues, it is vital that you continue with any prescribed medication. This is work is in no way to be considered as a replacement for conventional medical treatment for asthma. What we do is work with the anxiety and stress that can make the asthma worse. By dealing with those issues the idea is that you will suffer from asthma less, hopefully far less.

Help with asthma. We help you to reduce stress, anxiety, panic and fear.

A mass of research has proven that there are definite links between the symptoms of asthma and states of stress and anxiety.  The more stressed and anxious the person is, the more stress is placed upon the respiratory system and the more the person is likely to experience attacks.

We work, using hypnotherapy and NLP, to reduce your anxiety and stress in general, and in particular the way you relate to your condition.

Asthma and relaxation

It is generally well accepted that the more relaxed you are, the fewer symptoms you will experience.

We will teach you specific relaxation techniques to help you ease away the problems.

Help with asthma. The body is a self healing mechanism

We believe that the human body and mind is capable of healing itself and we will use all the methods and techniques we know to help encourage your mind and body to do so.  Having said that, we do encourage you to seek medical help in addition. What we do is complementary, not alternative.

Asthma And Hypnotherapy

There is a fair amount of scientific research into the beneficial effects of the use hypnotherapy (hypnosis) for the treatment of asthma. More is needed.

Asthma Treatment Testimonial

Chris came to see because he was nervous about public speaking. In our initial conversation it emerged that he suffered from chronic asthma, and had taken preventative drugs daily for the previous seven years. Within the work I did to get rid of his fear of public speaking I also did a fair amount of hypnosis to see if I could help him with his asthma.

Hi Steve

You may recall that I came to see you earlier in the year to help me with my public speaking. You said at the time that you may be able to do something to help with my asthma. I don’t know what it is that you did do but after seeing you I have had no further bouts. A while ago I stopped taking any preventative drugs and am still totally OK. It seems like a miracle!  I still take my inhaler out with me just in case but I have a feeling I will never need it again.

Thank you so very much


PS Much happier with public speaking as well

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