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'Treatment for Anxiety Disorder' Testimonials Hypnotherapy and NLP

Gary only needed a couple of sessions for successful treatment of Anxiety Disorder

Hi Steve

This is Gary N here. I’ve had two sessions with you to treat anxiety with another one booked for next week.

I’m just writing this to inform you that I would like to cancel this appointment.

As for me, I’m feeling a whole lot better since my last visit and believe that I’m almost 100% better.

Finally I’d just like to say thank you and I will be recommending you to others who I feel could use your help



Sandra suffered from anxiety disorder, the consequence of which was extreme tearfulness when under pressure. This testimonial regarding her treatment for anxiety disorder turned up out of the blue several years later

I came to see you a few years ago because I had a problem with becoming tearful when under pressure in difficult business / boardroom situations. Although I have no idea how you did it, and I didn’t have much faith in it during our sessions, it worked and I didn’t have that problem again. I should have emailed you before to thank you, but it slipped my mind (I must have been too busy conquering the boardroom!).

Many Thanks


Emily, in her words, had a long-term anxiety disorder and a high stress level. She left it several months before confirming that her treatment had been very successful.

Hi Steve,

Sorry I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked and I promised to write you a testimonial.  I came to you around May time suffering from stress and anxiety.

I really have left it this long as I guess I have been testing the water.  I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in virtually everything by 100%.

Many thanks again for everything


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