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Hypnotherapy & NLP For Treatment of Anorgasmia

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • What would your life be like,
  • If you could overcome anorgasmia?
  • Imagine the freedom of living.
  • Without this condition.
  • Effective treatment for anorgasmia.
  • NLP and hypnosis works.

Conquer the fear of anorgasmia now

Once again it seems that if the fear, or expectancy of anorgasmia is re-patterned, then the problem is minimised or negated, so NLP and hypnotherapy treatment is utilised in a very direct manner.

Sometimes trauma may be a factor, sometimes negative childhood experiences, sometimes lack of emotional closeness. Whatever the cause, the treatment does NOT involve going over the past in a counselling or psychotherapeutic manner, and instead focuses on educating the mind-body system to automatically reconnect with your ability to experience orgasm by focusing on how the patterns of thinking (worrying) manifest in the present and by literally re-educating the way that you think, and therefore feel.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for anorgasmia treatment

NLP focusses on how your way of thinking affects the way you feel, and also subsequently the way that you behave. The expectancy of anorgasmia, or the worry that you will not be able to achieve orgasm, has a pattern, a structure to the way you do it (we do understand that you are not doing this problem deliberately). The techniques we use are pragmatic and to the point, it is literally the raining of your mind to have more control over the way that you think

By using hypnosis together with NLP, deliberately working at a deep unconscious level to re-pattern the anorgasmia response, the results can be very fast. Hypnosis is well know for its ability to influence seemingly entirely physiological issues, such as pain control or eliminating facial tics or getting someone to stop blushing.

It is the combination of the two approaches that is so effective

Primary and secondary anorgasmia

Primary anorgasmia is the term used to describe a woman who has never had an orgasm, Secondary anorgasmia is the expression used for a woman who has achieved orgasm but does not any more, or has an orgasms infrequently.  Secondary anorgasmia tends to respond to treatments more readily.

Female therapists to treat anorgasmia quickly and easily

Many women understandably prefer to see a female therapist for issues such as anorgasmia treatment, and Laura Spicer (London), Debbie Williams (Birmingham), Tina Taylor (Surrey) Cathy Breslin (Dublin), Kathy Welter-Nichols (Vancouver), Mary Lee (Sydney), Beverley de la Harpe (Perth, Australia) or Elizabeth Payea Butler in Toronto will be delighted to discuss treatment with you. In

How long will the treatment take?

The average number of one-hour sessions for the treatment of anorgasmia is 2 – 4.


For female sexual problems please only contact one of our female therapists.

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

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  1. Emma says:

    I believe that I have anorgasma. It’s definitely related to trauma and I have a therapist for that. I’m in Chicago. I would be paying out of pocket, so I was hoping that there was some kind of a sliding scale. What are your fees per session? And how many sessions does it typically take?

    • steve says:

      Hi Emma

      Please contact Barbara Stepp at our Chicago office directly. For Barbara’s contact info please scroll down the page.

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