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You Can Overcome Agoraphobia

Hypnotherapy And NLP: Agoraphobia Treatments

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Imagine being free to go anywhere,
  • Free from anxiety and agoraphobia.
  • How much difference will it make
  • To overcome agoraphobia?
  • There is a cure for agoraphobia.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

What Is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a lot much than just a fear of wide open spaces though for a few people it is simply that. Agoraphobia, in common with other panic attacks and anxiety attacks, is the fear of the fear, being afraid of overwhelming feelings of terror. This can be in wide open spaces, of course, but it can also be in busy shopping malls or social gatherings.

Looking For An Escape Route?

Typically, although not always, an agoraphobic is constantly looking for an ‘escape route’ out of whatever situation they fear, continually thinking thoughts like ‘where can I go to be safe?’

What Are You Going To Do To Help My Agoraphobia?

A lot of people ask us questions like this. Obviously we aren’t going to help the ‘problem’, we are going to train and recondition the person’s thinking so that they start to have thoughts and feelings that are more resourceful, more appropriate and more comfortable.

Hypnotherapy And NLP Will Help You To Stop Being Agoraphobic

Hypnotherapy and NLP combine powerfully to help you to stop being agoraphobic.  Techniques such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure, anchoring and a whole host of hypnotherapeutic techniques are employed to directly repattern the behaviour. This isn’t counselling or psychotherapy, talking to someone about this kind of problem doesn’t generally help much, if at all.  This is training for your mind.

How Long Is It Going To Take You To Cure My Agoraphobia?

This varies, though because we do work so directly the average number of sessions is 2 – 4.

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