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You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Having A Heart Attack

Afraid Of Having Heart Attacks: Fear Cured With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Do you fear having a heart attack?
  • Is this constantly on your mind?
  • How about being free of this.
  • How much better will you feel?
  • You can lessen the anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works

Hypnotherapy and NLP provide a powerful combination of techniques and approaches that are designed to help you to control your mind and your imagination so that you can banish fears of heart problems quickly, easily and for good.

This page is for those who have had an attack and fear another, and also for those who haven’t suffered from a heart attack but fear that they might.

NB – If you have concerns about the health of your heart then get expert medical advice immediately.  Our work is not intended to replace conventional medicine, it is complementary.

The Fear, Or Phobia, Of Heart Disease, Attacks And Problems

Recent research has indicated that people who have had heart attacks fear having another one more than they are afraid of death itself.

We must point out that we are not medically trained, neither are we qualified nutritionists or exercise and fitness experts.  If you have had a heart attack then in all likelihood you have had advice on lifestyle changes from your doctor. If you haven’t, or don’t understand the changes you need to make, then please revisit your doctor for further advice. If you are in any doubt at all about your health then see your doctor before contacting us.

Dealing With The Fear Itself

Fear, in its various guises, is the most common emotion we get to help people to overcome. Fear is driven by your thoughts, by your imagination, and your body generates chemical changes that have a direct relationship with the intensity of your thoughts.

For example, if you were to really vividly imagine walking down a dark alley at night, and then imagine hearing many footsteps rushing up behind you, and then hear, in your mind, the sound of your name being snarled from the shadows then your body would generate adrenalin and you would feel nervous or afraid.  In the same kind of way, horror films show horrific or scary images and once again, the human neurology generates ‘fear’ chemistry and we feel afraid.

Fear of having a heart attack, or a further one if you have already had one, works in the mind in the same kind of way. The person makes internal images (thoughts) that are terrifying, and their body generates the appropriate chemicals and they feel terrified.

NLP And Hypnotherapy To Stop You Feeling Afraid

The direct and straightforward techniques provided by the fields of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy are designed to directly repattern those thoughts that have been causing you such problems. That is, we stop you doing it.

Bringing Your Imagination Under Your Control

Rather than being the ‘star’ in the ‘movies’ in your mind, we train you to become the ‘director’, to be in charge of your imagination rather than the victim of your thoughts.  It isn’t counseling, we won’t talk to you for hours about how you feel; it isn’t even therapy, really.  It is best thought of as training for your mind.

Controlling and Directing Your Inner World – Internal Dialogue

Thinking isn’t just imagining or remembering things visually. Many people who suffer from this kind of problem find that they have an internal voice that goes on and on and on inside their minds in an anxious, nervous, or panicky way. Once again, it is our job to train you to take control of the way that you talk to yourself, so that you find your inner world a calmer and more pleasant place to be.

NLP And Hypnotherapy – The Best Combination For You

What we particularly like about NLP and hypnotherapy as combined methods of working is that these approaches are direct and to the point and have been proven to be effective time after time. Although much depends upon your individual circumstances, we estimate that we will be able to resolve phobias, fears and anxiety related to heart attacks, disease and related problems in just a few hours work.

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

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