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Overcome ADHD

ADHD Help – One To One Hypnotherapy & NLP

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Do you or your child have ADHD?
  • How much better would life be,
  • If ADHD could be overcome?
  • ADHD can be a complex issue.
  • But it is treatable.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP can work.

Visit one of us and we will work with you, or your child, to train your or your child’s thinking and imagination to be more in control.

Help for people with ADHD is available.

We view ADD and ADHD as ‘teaching difficulties’ rather than ‘learning difficulties’.

We find that by treating children or adults who have been given ADD or ADHD labels as if their behaviour’s are ‘learned’ rather than innate, we can often help them to make changes in behaviour’s, including their ability to concentrate more easily and become calmer.

Children, or adults ‘with ADHD’ can often concentrate wonderfully, sometimes…

In our experience, people with ADHD or ADD labels are often of above average intelligence and/or above average creativity, and they can almost invariably concentrate when they want to – even the child with the most errant behaviour can often become wonderfully focused in front of a PlayStation, for example.

If you have learned to concentrate in one area, you can learn to concentrate in others

We help by using their innate ability to concentrate, even if it only occurs rarely in everyday life, and build upon it, the intention being to literally ‘condition’ them so that they are able to use this ability at other times.

A good balanced diet can be of supreme importance with ADHD

These days we request that those ‘with ADHD’ change their diet to get rid of refined sugar, caffeine, artificial ingredients, artificial colourings etc for a period of at least one month before making a booking. Also we ask that they take fish-oil supplements containing Omega 3 for the same period (or eat oily fish 2 – 3 times a week). We are not doctors so please check with your GP regarding suitable dosage for children. As far as we can tell there are no harmful side effects but we do advise you to check for yourself.

Dietary change can produce rapid, remarkable results

In many cases the dietary changes have dramatic, quick and wonderful effects. This is now (at last!) becoming more widely recognised with TV programs such as Trevor McDonald’s and many national newspapers bringing the connection between diet and behaviour to the attention of the public.

We would appreciate it if those of you who do control the child’s diet let us know of the results.

Never let the child make the rules

Very active children can be exhausting to cope with and we do understand when parents tell us that they have just ‘given in’ to their demands. This is ALWAYS a very dangerous thing to do, if you let your child dictate what he is and is not going to do then you are storing up trouble for yourself. We have seen parents of ten years olds who tell me that their child is uncontrollable and plays on the computer till midnight and they want US to do something about it. We can often help, but the parent’s role is absolutely crucial.

The parents often need as much help as the child

Sometimes it is the parents that need more help than the children, in being strong, centered and resourceful, and more than anything else, consistent.

Those of you with young children we advise you to get a copy of Dr Christopher Green’s brilliant books ‘Toddler Taming’, and ‘Beyond Toddlerdom’.

A final ‘semi-humorous’ note – Ritalin, when given to adults who don’t have the ADD – ADHD behaviour’s, has the same effect as Speed. Sometimes we think we should stop making the children take these drugs and give them to the teachers to help them to keep up!

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

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