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At first glance it may seem odd to have such disparate addictions as these on one page, because here you will find links to further information about addiction to cannabis, chocolate, coffee, cocaine and exercise. In addition we include addictions to gambling, the internet (and internet chat rooms), to junk food problems, info for the porn addict, for those who are addicted to shopping, sugar, and last but not least, to smoking cigarettes.

All addictions have a similar pattern

However, there are fundamental similarities in the way all addictions operate within a person’s neurology. The person has learned, unwittingly, to attach good feelings to a certain activity and when they think about ‘doing their addiction’ they either experience a good feeling at the prospect of doing it, and/or relief from a ‘bad’ feeling they were experiencing from ‘not doing it’. All addictions have this in common, and all these problems tend to respond well to the direct techniques of hypnotherapy and NLP