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Addiction To Pornography

Addiction to pornography

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You Overcome Pornography Addiction

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Are you addicted to pornography?
  • Would you like to stop looking at porn?
  • How much better will you life be,
  • When you can get offline and ‘on life’.
  • Addiction to pornography can end,
  • Help from hypnotherapy and NLP

Addiction to pornography is something we do not hold any particular moral view about. We simply work to he;[ people where this problem is having a negative affect upon their lives and they want to change.

Stop the ‘good feelings’ associated with porn

This addiction functions in the neurology like many others. The person (usually, but not always male), gets a ‘good feeling’ from the idea of viewing pornography. They then seem to ‘compelled’  to buy the magazine, watch the film. These days it is more common for people to surf the net. As time goes by some people find themselves drawn to more and more extreme material. This often has a very negative impact on their lives. The addiction to porn takes up more and more time. It is often damaging to relationships in every sense.

Many men feel guilty about doing so, and will repeatedly lie to their partner about their activity. Yet some still find themselves drawn back to pornography by the ‘good feeling’ the thought of it produces.

Direct training for your mind

We work to directly re-pattern the mind, educating the client to control their imagination rather than being the victim of it, to empower the client to ‘get offline and get on life’ as Richard Bandler once said.

Pornography addiction sorted quickly and easily

What we do can be fast and is always straightforward. The aim is to give you control back over your imagination, to end the habit. It is that simple.

Addiction to Pornography. How long will the work take?

Well obviously it varies. We usually estimate that what we can do will take 2 – 3 sessions.

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

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  1. Paul says:

    Is this the same as checking out hot chicks walking along the main road almost to the point of giving myself whiplash. Ps since i was about 7 y/o. Yet am strangely shy and timid and suffer from low self esteem and high anxiety and frequent low mood. (depression)

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