Hypnotherapy Questions/

Hypnotherapy Questions

Self Hypnosis – Frequntly Asked Questions?

This page will tell you a little about what self hypnosis is, and what it isn’t, and also covers a few frequently asked questions There are many unusual and unfounded beliefs about what hypnosis is…..

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the process by which someone relaxes and is given suggestions to help them to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The techniques of the hypnotist will vary. Some will utilize story and metaphor to assist in teaching, or training the mind to make these changes, some will use creative visualization, some will use more neuro-linguistic techniques to help you literally change the way you are looking at things in your mind and the way you are talking to yourself when you think. There are very many techniques and the authors of the self hypnosis recordings on this site tend to use a wide variety to help you.

Does it work?

Yes it does, although not everything will work for everyone, and you may well need to listen repeatedly to get the true benefits. Hypnosis is a proven method of personal change and development. That’s why we offer you a full sixty day guarantee for all our self hypnosis recordings.

Is self hypnosis dangerous?

No. It is totally safe as long as you follow the simple instructions. Yes, it could be very dangerous if you were driving a car or operating a chainsaw whilst listening but as long as you choose the appropriate time and place it is totally safe.

Are there any risks associated with hypnosis?

None whatsoever. The professional hypnotist is usually delighted to discover that his professional insurance is in the lowest band for all complementary health practices – and insurance companies know all about assessing risk. Self hypnosis is completely safe.

What if I don’t understand it, or can’t follow what is being said?

You don’t have to understand it, or even consciously follow what is being said. Whilst it can be very pleasant to follow the words as you listen, to breathe in a more relaxed way, to being to imagine pleasant things etc, the hypnosis will work anyway.

Does it work straight away?

Sometimes it works immediately, and for some it can seem miraculous. Often, however you will need to listen repeatedly. Think of it as ‘going to the gym’ for your mind.

What if I follow all your directions and listen to my recordings for week after week and nothing happens?

In this very unlikely event will refund your money, it’s that simple.

Will I lose control whilst under hypnosis?

Certainly not. All you are doing is relaxing creatively. In fact, self hypnosis is all about increasing your control, rather than decreasing it.

What if I can’t wake up?

You will wake up, so called ‘hypnotic trance’ is just simple relaxation, after all.

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