• Self Hypnosis To Aid Your Thinking
  • Authored By Master Hypnotherapist Duncan McColl
  • Can Help Get You Focussed On Success
  • Easy To Purchase And Easy To Use
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Have more success in all areas of your life

These two brilliant full length self-hypnosis recordings by master hypnotherapist Duncan McColl are designed to assist you in becoming more successful in every area of your life. Yes, they help you in your ability to foster more positive thinking about earning more money, attracting a partner, living a healthier lifestyle. The way that they do this, however, is to help you use the limitless power of your unconscious mind to help you to become a more successful person in a holistic sense.

A few words from Duncan McColl himself...

'Successful people are not necessarily harder-working people than you. Consciously, or unconsciously, they have developed a certain knack for success. Can you, for example, express your major aim in life in less than ten words? Can you picture the successful outcome? Your creative mind needs to have a blueprint, can you expect it to help? At the deeper levels of mind, like attracts like. You can become magnetised to good fortune. You can truly make your own luck. Start the process today by ordering this recording. It carries the same guarantee as all others.' Duncan McColl

How To Use This Recording

'Success' is comprised of two full length tracks. Both tracks are self hypnosis recordings and can be listened to at times other than your normal bedtime, when you are seated, feet on the floor and hands resting gently in your lap, at a time and in a place when you are least likely to be disturbed. It is recommended that you listen to these recordings at least once a week in this fashion. They are also designed for you to listen to at bedtime, and it is quite normal for you to go to sleep whilst listening. This is fine; your unconscious mind still gets the messages. It is suggested that you play these recordings every night, whichever one you like.


Track One

- Self Hypnosis Recording - 38:32 mins

Track Two

- Self Hypnosis Recording - 38.50 mins

Here is an excerpt from Duncan's introduction to 'Success' Track Two.....

'The purpose of this recording is to guide you by the scenic route, to the secret of success, and to the practical application of life-force; to the application of those natural inborn skills and talents that traditional teaching methods tend to overlook, and it's perhaps through overlooking or even inhibiting the development of these inborn skills and talents, that many of us are left with the impression that our world is a mess, and as individuals there is nothing much we can do about it. Which is unfortunate because it is only as individuals that you and I can do anything worthwhile. For example, we can learn to live more comfortably with the existing situation without having to accept it as our only accessible level of reality. The fact is that there are as many levels of living reality as there are original minds, and you can easily learn how to bypass your conditioned thinking and reopen the channel to your original mind. And this, without any undignified posturing or acceptance of unsupported second-hand myths and beliefs. The only difficulty here, for some of us, is to recognise that the attic of the mind has become cluttered with the accumulated garbage of countless generations of self-limiting negative conditioning, of inhibited fears or fossilised folklore. When you recognize the mental garbage as garbage, it automatically clears from the mental attic. The conscious self hypnosis techniques provided in this recording to expand your awareness will provide the illumination you require, the illumination that comes from within.....'The recordings are guaranteed, so simply place your order now.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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