A CD To Stop Stress


  • A complete programme to help you to stop stress in its tracks
  • Stop Stress will eliminate negative responses
  • Gain a better perspective in dealing with stressful situations
  • Handle stress easily and learn to be confident, calm and relaxed
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What is Stress?

More and more compensation claims are going in at the workplace as people become overwhelmed and feel burnt out unable to concentrate and function at their jobs, feeling they cannot overcome the stress that they are under, taking work home, thinking ineffectively not sleeping, which can become a complete vicious circle. Someone once said stress is the result of imaging that a particular thing, whether it's your job, relationship, or whatever it is, is more important than it really is. And it™s true when we are stressed, we lack perspective.

Effects Of Stress

Studies have shown that negative emotions experienced long term such as chronic anxiety, grief that goes on and on, hostility, suspicion, tension, pessimism, could double the risk of a whole range of diseases including heart disease, arthritis, ulcers, skin disorders and whilst our bodies are designed to handle brief bursts of stress to help us with difficult situations that’s what the fight or flight is all about.

If all the energy is not expressed in an appropriate physical action and we remain on constant alert through worrying the chemical cocktail of stress hormones remain in our immune system to the point where it can increase the likelihood of viral infections and disease.

Breaking The Negative Habit

Stress makes us see things in black and white, and causing chemical changes that can damage the hippocampus and therefore to memory, altering the brain capacity to retain information, usually focusing on the black ignoring all the grey areas in between. Asking over and over again “Why is this happening to me?” keeps the negative cycle going downward and some people even get into habit of comparing themselves unfavourably to others by completely ignoring their own uniqueness and individual talents.

How This Will Help You

Debbie will teach you to focus on solutions, which naturally will calm you eliminating stressful responses. For example the use of more empowering questions such as �'What do I need to learn from this to move on?’ will enable you regain control and develop a happier and more relaxed outlook.


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Complementary Therapy

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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