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  • Feel that if you stop you will put on weight?
  • Feel trapped by your addiction?
  • Hate how cigarettes make you feel?
  • Self Hypnosis and NLP recordings that WORK
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Powerful Hypnotherapy Recordings To Stop Smoking Without Weight Gain

Stop Smoking And Stay Slim will gently guide you through to the other side of fear with a minimum amount of effort. You learn to eat like a lean healthy happy person does, free of food issues and free of cigarettes. Your own mind knows how to create health and Debbie instructs your unconscious to work FOR you to give you the freedom from your addictions and fears, finding peace within.

The author, Debbie Williams says...

'You don't need me to tell you by giving up you reduce your risk of disability, or death caused by cancer or heart or lung disease.� You reduce the risk of gangrene or amputation caused by circulation problems, you stop sharing your fags with those around " lowering the risk of children getting asthma, glue ear.  You can become more fertile and the appearance of your skin will you then especially as you up your water rich foods and along with the money you save you also reduce the risk of fire in your home.'

Track 1 – Stop Smoking and stay slim Intro

People give themselves great post-hypnotic suggestions – 'If I stop smoking I'll eat more' and thereby creating a self fulfilling prophecy. The good news is we can programme you with better more powerful hypnotic suggestions to ensure your success with a plan so you stop smoking and stay slim with simple strategies that are easy to adhere to.

In a 24 hour period if you were to add the total time urges last it would be a small amount of minutes. Imagining saying to those urges, 'yes I'll have it later' is a simple effective tool, repeating it over and over to drown out the 'calling' until our mind and body ultimately forgets the desire knowing that after 2or 3 days it becomes so much easier.
Any by just taking one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time using the 'I'll have it later' mantra works on the same principle as children pestering I want a biscuit, I want a biscuit, they'll drive you insane. If you say yes you can have one but after you've eaten your lunch, most children will accept this, and will wait, we are all children at heart, we want it all.

So saying to ourselves 'I'll have it later really' works to manage that immediate pull, this will also be useful with inappropriate food urges too.  Instead of that you've tended to dive into the urge and get stuck in and regret it later.   So what would you need to feel now to think seriously about quitting deciding that now is the right time to stop smoking and stay slim?

Track 2 –Stop Smoking and stay slim – Prep for NLP

So one of the things that you will need to do before you do the process on the next track is to spend a few moments and write down times when you've felt resourceful – have you ever read a book that's inspired you or when you've been motivated to succeed or confident or proud,  maybe even to prove someone wrong or maybe you stopped smoking  before for a while or lost weight for an event.

The next 2 tracks will help with all kinds of problems whether its an urge to have a cigarette right now – even just putting on the first 5 minutes of the trance enables you to have a hypnotic fag, or to change internal dialogue – I can't stop, I'll pile on the pounds.  Seeing yourself getting fatter, after all everyone I know who have stopped puts on weight – will only be true if you stop smoking and start eating – you can change that channel in mind, white it out and replace it with a healthy looking you so only have what you want in mind as carrying the old fear is confusing for your unconscious so delete that now. ......

Track 3 – Stop Smoking – Gaining the right frame of mind to stop - NLP

The first time you do this maybe work on deciding to not smoke in the car or the house, a challenge that's no more than 60%  out of 100 because I want you to familiarize yourself with this exercise to ensure the success of this procedure and as you succeed at that it will build you confidence and belief in yourself,  don't just do this technique in your head, there is something about physically moving around that makes it very powerful.

Later choosing a time when you know you'll be triggered to have a cigarette in the future – maybe nights out so we can start to rewire your brain for a much better outcome – or the challenge of I want to stop but I don't feel I can, this exercise will help build your belief that you can stop now. It will also help with any fears with staying slim.

Track 4 Full Length Self Hypnosis

One of the advantages of Debbie Williams' recording over many others is that you get the benefit of more than one proven approach. In this final track all you need to do is sit back and listen and allow the experienced voice of Debbie Williams to do the rest. Simply get into the habit of listening daily for as long as it takes and be persistent

The Guarantee

Stop Smoking And Stay Slim will work for you, and we back this claim with a full 60 day guarantee.

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