A CD To Stop Panic Attacks


  • Excellent brand new recordings to stop panic attacks
  • Overcome anxiety attacks simply by listening
  • Fully Guaranteed To Help You Stop The Panic
  • The result of more than a decade of clinical experience
  • Effective help for all forms of panic and anxiety attacks
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Self Hypnosis To Stop Panic And Anxiety Attacks

This new suite of recordings is designed to simply help you to put an end to your panic attacks. Debbie Williams is an NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with many years experience in dealing with panic and anxiety attacks, and she puts this experience to very good use here.

Understanding Panic Attacks

When you have worked, in a clinical setting, with dozens and dozens of people to help them to stop panic attacks you come to understand what makes the panic attack 'work', what it is that happens in someone's mind that brings an attack on.

Fear And Anticipation

Debbie knows that it is the fear of having a panic attack in advance that keeps causing them. If you suffer from panic attacks then you will know this only too well. Think of a future situation where typically you would have suffered from a panic attack and notice what begins to happen in your mind.

Stop The Habit Of Panic Attacks

Panic is a habit, and so for that matter, is anxiety. For whatever reason, and it really doesn't matter why or when, your brain learned to have the panic reaction in whatever context you have panic attacks - and there are very many contexts. Debbie's recordings will train your mind to do something else rather than anticipate the fear, to think, automatically, like a person who doesn't have panic attacks

Types Of Panic Attacks

When a person first has a panic attack the symptoms can seem very like a heart attack. Symptoms include such things as shortness of breath, tight chest, rapid heartbeats, sweating, dizziness, disorientation, shaking and trembling, and so forth. They can be brought on by any number of factors, but stress and viral infections are high on the list.

Pre-Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Sometimes a person has one or two full blown panic attacks and no more, but lives in constant dread that they will have another one. This state of nearly, but not quite, having a panic attack is called by some pre-anxiety. It doesn't matter what you call it though, it is a very uncomfortable place to be, not to mention exhausting.

Four Tracks To Help Stop Panic Attacks

These are comprised of an introduction, a two part easy to learn NLP mind training exercise, a special calm down exercise (that is so much more than just breathing into a paper bag!), and a full length self hypnosis track.

Listen Regularly For Best Results

Yes, sometimes a person listens to a self hypnosis recording such as this and is immediately helped. The brain can learn very quickly. Usually, though, it takes many repetitions for the brain to re-pattern so make sure you listen regularly and keep listening even if you don't get immediate results. Those people who fail to make changes using self hypnosis are usually those who listen two or three times, don't feel any different, and give up. We do NOT want you to be one of those people, we want you to succeed!

The Guarantee

That is why we offer a full sixty day guarantee for 'Stop Panic Attacks'. This guarantee applies both to the CD and to the set of MP�s so you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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