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I can't stop lying - help!

Compulsive and repeated lying not only eventually makes someone look like an idiot, it can also ruin relationships, careers and leave a lasting and negative effect on someone's life. Lying is a habit, however it starts, and for whatever reason the person thinks they lie, it is still a habit, and the good news is that habits can be changed. These recordings are guaranteed to help you change, it's that simple.

Why do I lie so much?

Well, some people lie because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings, or they don't want that person to feel badly about them. Most people tell lies, let's face it. White lies, they are called. How many people haven't made up something on the telephone, for example, on behalf of someone else who didn't want to speak to the person who just phones? Not everyone, but most people.

Lies and exaggeration

Another type of 'lie' is that of exaggeration. Some people will make ever more outrageous claims about their lives, their past, where they have travelled, what qualifications they have, what illnesses they have, and so on and so forth. Obviously this kind of lie is designed to have someone have more good feelings towards the liar, or be more interested in them. Of course what usually happens is that eventually people tend to find the person out and have less good feelings about them and be less interested in them...

How can self hypnosis and NLP help stop my lying problems

'Stop Lying', by Debbie Williams, provides a host of different and powerful techniques to help you bring things back under you control. Debbie has seen many clients in private practice to help them to stop compulsively lying and this recording is therefore based on both clinical experience and also on clinical success. Included in these recordings is an excellent NLP mind-training exercise in addition to the full-length self hypnosis track itself. Both approaches have been proven to be successful in getting someone to stop lying, to feel, more comfortable within themselves and self confident. By listening to Debbie's recordings you get the best of both worlds.

Our Guarantee

'Stop Lying' is fully guaranteed to help you. Listen to it every day and also every night as you go to sleep - it's quite OK to fall asleep listening, it still works. Be persistent and keep listening as these kinds of recordings can sometimes be like going to the gym. You wouldn't expect to be fully fit after one visit to the gym, would you? Well think of this as training for the mind. The mind is much easier to change than the body, however, so sometimes there are immediate, seemingly miraculous results. In any event, we provide a full 90 day guarantee that 'Stop Lying' will be useful for you.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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