A CD To Stop Blushing


  • Would you like to enjoy social events and
    meeting people?
  • Walk into a room of strangers without blushing
  • This special 3 track CD, introduces NLP, has
    aseries of practical mind-training exercises and
    also a full-length hypnosis recording
  • Can help you to improve your
    self-confidence and lessen anxiety
  • Can help you stop
    excessive blushing
  • Available as a CD or suite of MP3
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Stop blushing and start to live your life to the full

Blushing, while quite a common event, has been known to make some people's life a nightmare - Debbie Williams has used her own unique blend of NLP techniques and hypnosis to help people to blossom at social events and at work where once excessive blushing meant they would hide their light in a darkened corner of a room.

Three tracks to help you overcome blushing problems

These three tracks have been developed by Debbie to ensure that you get the most benefits from her recordings. You can listen to them in whatever order you like and feel comfortable with. Debbie would like you to listen to the trance on track 3 everyday and do the exercise on track 2 at least once/twice or whenever a situation arises that relates to blushing that needs to be changed. It will help neutralise any feelings about blushing.

Track One - Introduction To NLP

On the first track Debbie explains about NLP. It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro stands for the nervous system and how information is taken in through each of our five our senses and how we then interpret that information. Discovering NLP is like finding the owner's manual for your brain for it gives you the ability to retrain your thinking.

Worrying about blushing makes it worse

For most blushing is a flushed experience which is over almost as quickly as it came. For others rosy cheeks are replaced by deep blotches of red skin and possibly raised temperature and sweats. Blushing is an unconscious, 'automated' action, but the more concerned about it a person becomes, the deeper and more pronounced the blush becomes.

Learn to stop 'planning' to blush

Without realising people tend to plan for blushing to happen. They use a powerful post hypnotic suggestion, maybe they have a meeting to go to, and they repeatedly say to themselves days in advance: "Oh I hope I don't go red when I'm there". They see a picture of themselves going red, feel uncomfortable and then try not to think about it anymore. But it is too late they have already laid the foundations to their suggestion.

Track Two - Practical exercises to help reduce blushing and anxiety.

In the second track Debbie will help you to tap into your inner resources and find the confidence you need to break your blushing loop. The strategies that Debbie has devised are not only simple to do, but are extremely effective for shrinking down powerful negative feelings. She will help you to take control of your blushing by having your inner "thermostat" reset to a cooler temperature all by itself in whatever situation you may find yourself.

Track Three - Self-hypnosis to help you to stop blushing

The third track contains the hypnosis trance. Just relax, enjoy it and let Debbie's magic words help you to take control of your blushing issue coolly, calmly and with confidence. Debbie is highly skilled at weaving words and metaphors to help you to draw upon your inner confidence and strengths to reduce this blushing issue into something you will never see red over again.

These recordings result from years of successful work with clients who had problems with blushing.

While Debbie can't guarantee to stop you from blushing completely, she has had a great deal of success with her clients in this field. It is those skills and tested techniques with which she now offers to help you. So please feel free to place an order, these recordings are guaranteed to help you.

Stop Blushing

Track 1 :

Introduction - 16:34 mins.

Track 2 :

NLP - 10:44 mins.

Track 3 :

Hypnotherapy - 30:31 mins.

Our Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not gain any useful, noticeable benefit by listening to this recording, after having listened for a period of 30 days (very often, the benefits come much faster) we are happy to refund your money. It is that simple. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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