A CD To Stop Binge Eating


  • Do you sabotage yourself?
  • Is food all you think about?
  • Are you stuck in a cycle of binge and diet?
  • Do you use food to comfort yourself?
  • Take control over your urges and cravings
  • Learn the strategies of naturally lean people
  • Form a healthy relationship with food
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Why Do I Binge Eat? How To Stop Binge Eating

Things happen to us in life and sometimes food helps get us through " it can help us suppress anger and sadness.� We can use food as a drug to numb how we feel and to distract us what is going on underneath.  The only real difference between binging and bulimia is that the bulimic has a rule that they mustn�'t go over a certain weight therefore they must get rid of the food out of their body as quickly as possible.  The binge eater just gains more and more weight and ends up on the diet/binge roundabout to try to control their weight.

The Cycle Of Binging and Dieting

Did you know that the multi million dollar diet industry has a success rate of  ONLY 2% of people that have actually lost weight permanently through dieting? Naturally lean people eat in response to hunger – people who don�™t have a strategy and are struggling with their weight, will eat when they are tired, upset, lonely, bored, excited, happy, ill or to fill time or to avoid doing what they feel they should be doing.

Overcome Emotional Blockages To Stop Binge Eating

By overcoming emotional blockages you will stop binge eating for good so that eating like a naturally lean happy healthy becomes automatic. You will learn to tune into your body’s wisdom - using the untapped potential of your unconscious to heal and overcome all sorts of issues.

Giving You The Right Tools To Succeed

NLP will give you the tools to become emotionally mature with strategies to handle your feelings in a way that you learn and grow from them, whilst finding peace within. Using a combination of NLP and hypnosis will help you over come binge eating.  By retraining yourself to eat like a lean healthy happy person you will enable yourself to feel freedom around food and get on with your life – as binging and dieting is such a waste of time.

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