A CD To Stop Being Angry


  • ‘Stop Being Angry’ is guaranteed to be effective
  • This special 3-track recording is easy and effective to use
  • Useful for anger management; dissolving flash points; resolving anger issues
  • Available both as a CD or suite of MP3 downloads
  • Turn anger into positive energy just by relaxing and listening
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Debbie Williams - Stop Being Angry

One of the UK's most experienced hypnotherapists, Debbie Williams, uses NLP techniques, together with hypnosis, to break the chains of anger, to simply stop being so angry, and channel that explosive energy into creating a winning outcome and a successful life.

Unique 3 Track Recording

This unique 3-track recording offers one of the most effective strategies and hypnosis trance in helping to dissolve any threatening built-up of anger and into positive and beneficial goals. It contains an introduction, an NLP track and a Hypnosis track. Both the NLP track and the Hypnosis track are capable of sorting out your anger issues, use either one or both, and be persistent.

Stop Being Angry - Introduction

The first track explains about Neuro Linguistic Programming, how we take in information through each of our five our senses and how we then interpret that information. Debbie works both consciously to help you to stop being angry, to get out of the loops of automated behaviour, to teach you how to think and respond appropriately and unconsciously, using NLP and hypnosis, to re-pattern the behaviour at a deeper level.

The Anger Response Is Rarely Appropriate These Days

In the past, right back to caveman days, anger was vital for survival and for protection from danger, however, in today's, 21st century, modern life, the stress surrounding these "fight or flight" responses can damage our body and mind unnecessarily. A temper eruption, just like a volcano, can destroy everything in its path once its force in full flow.Debbie has helped clients who visit her - sometimes as a last resort - husbands desperately seeking a solution as divorce is on the cards - the wife has had enough of years of walking on eggshells around them - to deal with their addiction to anger and turn their lives around happily.

NLP Strategies To Help You Stop Feeling So Angry

She guides you through those same successful strategies on track 2 and helps you to recognise and change the broken and stuck records of past habits, to stop discordant and distorted noisy tunes in their tracks and switch your mind over to something more harmonious that would suit you and your needs better. You can use these techniques over and over again to wipe any number of problems to give you the resources when you need them.

Listen In Comfort, In Your Own Time, At Home

Debbie's recordings on each of the three tracks contain many of the tools which she uses in a private session; however, the added bonus with this recording is that you will be able to listen to it time and again in the relaxing comfort of your home. Repetition and re-listening over and over again until a more positive patterning is laid down is the key to success.

Self Hypnosis For Real Anger Management

In the third track Debbie gently takes you into trance, this track has been specifically designed to give you the utmost help and confidence when using it. Debbie never intrudes, she guides in to finding your own blueprint for handling and resolving anger issues. Additional benefits, besides, greater calm, include more energy and the ability to think better when under pressure, possibly a reduction of high blood pressure, less digestive upsets and extra harmony.

Positive And Practical Help

It is that practical, positive help that Debbie has used with such success that she offers on this recording. While Debbie can't guarantee to stop you being angry completely, if want to remain calm and take back control of your life then this recording will help you.

Be Persistent And Listen Frequently

The track 3 hypnosis recording should be listened to regularly every day, for at least 14 days. Its message will become second nature to your sub-conscious. Do the exercise on track 2 at least once/twice or whenever a situation arises that relates to any issues of anger or frustration.

Stop Being Angry

Track 1 - Introduction

- 15:20 mins.

Track 2 - NLP

- 11:41 mins.

Track 3 - Hypnotherapy

- 23:11 mins.

Guaranteed to be helpful for you

'Stop Being Angry' is guaranteed to be helpful for you, it carries a 90 day guarantee, in fact, so you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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