Help With Cancer


  • Self Hypnosis to Help With Cancer
  • Master Hypnotherapist Duncan McColl
  • Set of 3 CDs Or 4 MP3 Downloads
  • ‘Help With Cancer’ Full Length
    Hypnotherapy Recordings
  • Virtually 3 Hours Of Self Hypnosis!
  • For Healing, Rest, and Pain Relief
  • Helps Promote A Positive Outlook
  • Easy To Order And Easy To Use
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Brilliant Self Hypnosis Recording By One Of The Geniuses Of Hypnotherapy

We are delighted to be able to provide you with 'Help With Cancer' the complete set of self hypnosis recordings by master hypnotherapist Duncan McColl designed specifically to assist you in your fight against cancer.

In What Ways Are The Recordings Useful

  1. They promote deep rest and calm. Proper rest is essential to aid the body and mind in both fighting disease and recovery from it
  2. A more positive outlook. We are not saying that positive thinking is everything, but most will agree that it helps.
  3. Pain Relief - One of the best known uses for hypnotherapy
  4. Help you cope living day to day with a diagnosis of cancer

We are not claiming that 'Help With Cancer' will cure cancer (such a claim is illegal in many countries - for good reason), and it is obviously vital for you to pursue conventional medical treatment in addition to any complementary help for fighting cancer.

So whilst these recordings are packed with hypnotic suggestions for you to overcome cancer they are also designed to ease your anxiety about the disease, and to enable you to rest more easily and improve your quality of sleep. It seems likely to us that more rest and the more positive attitude you have, the more you will find it easier to cope day by day.One of the functions of sleep is to allow the body time to focus on healing, and good rest is seen by many to be an important key to recovering from illness.So although we are not suggesting that these self hypnosis recordings will provide a miracle cure for cancer, we are confident that they will help you feel less stressed, feel more relaxed and will help engender a more positive state of mind.

A Few Words From Duncan McColl:

'How to cope with cancer and overcome the self-limiting effects of unconscious negative conditioning and inherited fears, which, in some people, even reflect in the fear of the word! You could find this recording to be a very enjoyable experience that could provide more than companionship and consolation'. Duncan McColl.

'Help With Cancer'

Track One

Self Hypnosis - duration 45:23mins

Track Two

Self Hypnosis - duration 26:25mins

Track Three

Self Hypnosis - duration 43:01mins

Track Four

Self Hypnosis - duration 43:24mins

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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