Chakra Meditation


  • Effortlessly balance the seven basic chakras of the mind and body
  • Authored by renowned healer and hypnotherapist Duncan McColl
  • Chakra Meditation is the result of many decades of experience
  • The recording is available both as a CD and as an MP3 download
  • We guarantee that you will find this recording useful
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

'Chakra Meditation' - Wonderful Self Hypnosis Recordings By One Of The Geniuses Of Hypnotherapy

This Chakra Meditation recording can be used by anyone whether they are experienced or inexperienced with meditation It is most often purchased by those who have already benefited from listening to one or more of Duncan's brilliant and classic hypnotherapy recordings.

What Is On These Recordings

Duncan teaches simple, effective ways to relax deeply, and gives gentle direct suggestions to be happier and more resourceful. The recordings also utilise elements of storytelling, charming stories, beautifully delivered with meaning and multiple messages...

Listening To 'Chakra Meditation'

When listening to this recording always ensure that you are doing so at times when you are not likely to be disturbed. Listen comfortable, sitting if possible with your back well supported and your feet planted firmly on the floor. If you listen to Chakra Meditation whilst laying down at bedtime you are quite likely to fall asleep and whilst it is quite OK to fall asleep listening you may get more benefit from listening to this recording more 'consciously' than Duncan's other recordings.

A Few Words From Duncan McColl:

'This is another recording that evolved on finding, in therapy, that clients benefited from taking a scenic trip around the seven energy centres of the bodymind system. After thousands of years of disbelief, some members of the scientific community now affirm that these vital energy centres actually exist and they can be stimulated. Track two of the recording features an interesting 'start of the day' experience.' Duncan McColl.

'Chakra Meditation'

Track 1

- 37:37 mins.

Track 2

- 44:46 mins.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your childs mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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