Music for Hypnosis


  • Presented by Nick Kemp NLP & Hypnosis Trainer
  • 6 Self Hypnosis Tracks – Available as a CD or MP3 download
  • Instrumental recordings for hypnosis & relaxation
  • Created from live play & wide range of music samples
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Instrumental Recordings By Nick Kemp

This is an instrumental CD from Nick Kemp, designed as a backdrop for deep hypnosis. Some of the musical themes were used on the "About Time" CD and will be familiar to attendees of Nick's seminars. This is an excellent CD for deep relaxation and contains 6 distinctive tracks including new sonically improved and remixed versions of Ascending and Moving Ahead

What people are saying about this recording

"The music is simply magnificent. ( I speak as a classically trained composer!) It is warm and embracing and gives a feeling of an ability to induce total relaxation"
David Aldridge

A few words from Nick Kemp

This CD was created especially for people interested in an audio product of purely instrumental music, that avoided the usual "new age clichéd" style of music. The recording uses the latest digital recording techniques and is best listened to on headphones in a comfortable environment.

'Music For Hypnosis'

Is comprised of six tracks, available as a CD or as a set of six MP3 downloads
01 - Moving Ahead - 2:42 mins.
02 - Chime - 5:16 mins.
03 - About Time - 17:15 mins.
04 - Strange Daze - 2:07 mins.
05 - Ascending - 6:07 mins.
06 - Slowtime - 7:40 mins.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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