Releasing The Pressure


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  • Authored By Tina Taylor & Nick Kemp.
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  • Can help you reduce blood pressure.
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Powerful Self Hypnosis from the Tranceforming CDs personal development series.

Whilst Tina was teaching childbirth classes she found one of the side effects of her classes was that the women who had high blood pressure noticed that their blood pressure lowered and in most cases returned to normal..

Do you have Hypertension?

Nowadays there seems to be a lot of people with high blood pressure or hypertension; we all need a certain amount of blood pressure to enable our blood to circulate but at times this can be raised and there are various ways that we can help to lower our blood pressure. Changes in lifestyle can help for example; changing your diet, stopping smoking, losing weight, using relaxation techniques, drinking less alcohol and taking more exercise.

Researchers in the US have confirmed that meditation is effective at lowering blood pressure.

It works by calming body and mind, and people who practice regularly were said to have significantly lower blood pressure than those who didn't.

Relaxation techniques benefit by teaching you how to deal with stress.

Relaxation techniques, such as those taught with Yoga and Hypnosis can benefit by teaching you how to deal with stress. The relaxation that hypnosis helps you to achieve has a great side effect; clients that I have worked with on one problem have reported back to me that their blood pressure reduced also. For example a woman who came to me for childbirth classes who had hypertension said "I've just come back from my third ante natal appointment and my blood pressure has lowered each time. Our midwife was astonished and made a note of how relaxed I am on her notes".

Reprogram your unconscious

Please note that CD this is not a replacement for medical advice, it is a support to help you relax and obtain the best frame of mind. If you are taking any prescribed drugs to help reduce your blood pressure speak to your doctor about any techniques you use to help reduce the pressure and work with him or her as you incorporate them into your daily life. Do not make any changes to your medication without first discussing this with your doctor.

The mind has enormous power over the body

which is constantly influenced by our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs can affect our bodies, even manifesting themselves physically. We are able to change physical symptoms by how we feel. For example; when watching a movie we sometimes get so caught up in the story that the feelings we get for the characters are real.

'Releasing The Pressure' Contains Three Self Hypnosis Tracks

1: Introduction

- duration 12:45 mins

2: Calm Waters

- duration 6:55 mins

3: Releasing the Pressure

- duration 17:32 mins

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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