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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Powerful Self Hypnosis from the Tranceforming CDs personal development series.

In 2003, after an article on Tina's work helping women conceive was published in the national newspapers, she received so many calls from couples all over the UK and Europe she decided to create a CD to help those couples she is unable to see. This CD focuses on reducing stress levels and building optimum states for conception.

Many couples today are taking 2 - 3 years to conceive their first child

There are many factors responsible for infertility, and our emotions can affect the delicately balanced hormonal system, which in turn controls ovulation, spermatogenesis and pregnancy.

25% of couples planning to have a baby experience problems.

Over the last twenty years there has been a significant rise in the number of people who experience problems conceiving. With approximately 25% of couples planning to have a baby experiencing problems. And of those who seek medical help 30% are told they have unexplained infertility for which medical science can offer no explanation.

Reprogram your unconscious.

You may be consciously saying 'yes' to having a baby, yet deep down unconsciously, you mind may be saying no. To develop the perspective required for conceiving you need to be united in mind and body for the process of getting pregnant.

The mind has enormous power over the body

which is constantly influenced by our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs can affect our bodies, even manifesting themselves physically. We are able to change physical symptoms by how we feel. For example; when watching a movie we sometimes get so caught up in the story that the feelings we get for the characters are real.

By listening to these tracks you can reprogram your mind reconnecting with your fertile self.

"Whilst working with couples with fertility issues it is often their beliefs that create the problem, many of these they have been persuaded to accept, others may have been acquired as a protection. For if they do not believe that they will conceive they can not be hurt if they do not then conceive. Creating their own self fulfilling prophecy".

Biologically it is more efficient for women to have their families when they are young.

But in recent years the average age of women having their first baby has been going up because many of us now want to establish ourselves in a career before starting families. The media's (recent) inclination to depict women over 35 who want babies as desperate, caught up in a biological clock panic and having wombs that are too old to work can damage the beliefs of millions of women. Given that thoughts and beliefs stimulate hormonal secretions through our bodies these statements can become biological realities in women who believe they really are too old to have babies.

This CD does seem to assist

couples who need help and support whilst going through IVF treatment (there was a study in Israel that was published recently which stated that couples using hypnosis whilst receiving IVF treatment doubled their success rates) as well as those couples who have unexplained fertility issues and want assistance in conceiving naturally..

Stress can affect fertility

Lowering mans level of testosterone and affecting woman's ability to conceive. When trying for a baby couples often experience high levels of stress, particularly if medical assistance is needed.Learning a form of relaxation will be helpful and hypnosis can be useful to you as it works with your unconscious allowing you to reduce stress levels and focus your attention elsewhere. The tracks on this recording contain insights from Tina's therapy sessions and can help you work with your unconscious to create a satisfactory state of mind for pregnancy and birth.

'Fertility' Contains Three Self Hypnosis Tracks

1: Relaxation

- duration 23:55 mins

2: Fertility

- duration 22:56 mins

3: Fear Release

- duration 22:38 minsThe tracks can be listened to singularly or together and have helped many couples whether they have needed medical assistance or whether they have unexplained fertility.

'Fertility' Testimonials

Dear Tina,'Thank you very much for your reply and the information. your answer reassured me. Your cd is excellent by the way and does make me feel good. Hypnotherapy has played a very positive role in my life. I am so glad to have your cd .'
Best regards,

'I am 13 weeks pregnant and everything is going well. We have not told anyone before due to the problems we have had with IVF in the past. Thank you very much for all your help I'm sure that listening to the CD has been a major factor in our success'.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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