Releasing Fear


  • Guaranteed to be effective – Easy To Order And Easy To Use
  • For Phobias, Fears, Anxieties, Panic Attacks, Fear Of Blushing, Sweating Or Dizziness
  • Relieve Fears, Phobias And Anxiety Simply By Listening
  • Authored by Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Hypnotist: Kathy Welter-Nichols
  • Music by Paul Armitage, international composer
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

This single process has helped so many people recover their balance from fears that are embarrassing or stopping them from living their lives fully!

The unconscious doesn't recognize these fears are child-like or that no one else seems to have the same ones, it's doing the best it can to protect you from unwanted feelings that you are triggering in your thoughts. Through this simple induction, over a period of two weeks, you will reclaim that part of you that has been held back by these unnecessary fears and move into your life with calm and confidence.

"I was terrified, and I couldn't stop myself"

This CD/MP3 can be a lifesaver. Fly again, drive on the freeway, attend large functions, attend family gatherings, start conversations with others, feel calm and peaceful in your body again!

Rid Yourself Of That Phobia For Good

Fears and Phobia's are learned responses signaled from triggers in the unconscious. We learn very quickly "we don't want that to happen again" and so go about avoiding what we believe could stimulate the response. In doing so, we are actually focusing on the phobia or fear and creating more of what we don't want. Just try not thinking about a green monkey for a few moments. You can't. You can't think about what you don't want without first thinking about it. It's just how our brain works!

Fear Of Blushing, Fear Of Sweating, Fear Of Dizziness

This neurological response is buried deeply in the primitive brain and is an automatic response to a stimulus that causes the flush under the skin. It's common in every human with a beating heart. The difference for a person with the phobia of blushing, is they fear it's going to happen, they rehearse it in their mind, they review other times, and most importantly, when it does happen, the keep reminding themselves "I'm blushing, I'm doing it again, I'm doing it again, and again��" and of course each "again" pushing the blushing stimulation and on it goes. Once the pattern is interrupted, and the thoughts redirected, blushing of course returns to normal. The same applies to excessive sweating or dizziness. Essentially it's the FEAR of it happening that moves us into attempting to control or avoid situations that we believe, cause it to happen.

A Few Words From Kathy:

Fears are overcome, it happens every day. One moment a client is worried, stressed, believing they could never do that��.and the next moment they are reporting with glee: "I did it!" There actually are people walking around on this planet that are not afraid of what you are afraid of. One moment you can't do something the next it's a thing of the past with no negative response to it.One client had a particularly difficult flight through fog and afterwards encountered fear in every subsequent flight until the thought of flying became a triggered response. With just a single session they not only recovered from this fear, but went on to take pilots lessons ! After her first landing this woman knew she no longer had the fear of flying!

How To Use These Recordings

This is a recording that we suggest that you listen to each day for at least two week period. The subconscious will continue to work on releasing the fears during the time you are listening to the CD AND it will continue to work on releasing fears for the following months! That's how fantastic the subconscious mind is. When you put it on the job, it gets it done! A side benefit of using this CD is you will find your subconscious is releasing all kinds of fears you didn't even realize where bothering you!That's equally why, when you are fearful, the subconscious will become a vigilant guardian to ensure you don't put yourself in places that can give you those anxious feelings!As you clear fears and phobia's from your life, you will experience less anxiety, stress, reduced heart rate, blood pressure and even respiratory rates! All these are side benefits of releasing unnecessary fears!

Releasing Fear

- Self Hypnosis Recording - 34:49 mins.

Our Guarantee

If you do not notice a useful positive change in your thinking and behaviour after playing 'Releasing Fear' for 30 days we will refund your money in full. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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