A CD To Exercise And Enjoy It


  • Need motivation to exercise?
  • Would you love it to be something you just did and that you actually found it enjoyable?�
  • Debbie Williams uses hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming
  • to programme you to enjoy exercising by making it easy and fun to succeed
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Why Many Plans To Exercise Fail

Debbie explains why many New Year resolutions or goals to exercise fail and how you can ensure success by making it easy by having simple targets so that you regularly over-achieve and feel a great sense of satisfaction.

Clarify Your Goals For Success

By answering some questions Debbie will help you clarify the goals you want. Exercise will no longer be just an idea, by thinking through the answers the brain makes new connections that naturally will drive you to want to exercise. Using examples of how others have found it easy to integrate exercise into their daily lives will also help to inspire you to succeed.

How This Will Help You Exercise And Enjoy It

Debbie will give you the encouragement and direction to make exercise and enjoying it even easier and easier to achieve. Dropping suggestions deeply into your unconscious Debbie will programme you to find enjoyment in exercising, helping you feeling more empowered to just do it and feel good with your achievements and the satisfaction that exercise brings.� Just listen to the trance and as you notice how much more energised and motivated you start to feel.

Change is easier than you think - you just have to commit to listen. Maybe every night as you drift off to sleep to let suggestions do their work. The more you listen, the quicker you will notice positive results.


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