Overcome Childhood Abuse


  • Would you like to be free from the pain of your past?
  • Are you still traumatised by earlier events in your life?
  • Those burdens can be lifted so you can return to a life of joy and happiness
  • Learn to stop reliving those memories and put them behind you for good!
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

How Step Out Of The Loop Of Victimhood

In many indigenous cultures, people are encouraged to “tell their story” when they’ve had a painful or traumatic experience, but no more than three times.  They recognise that for many it’s important to share their story with loving and supportive people in order to validate their experience and feel heard and understood, but repeating it over and over keeps the person trapped in the energy of victimhood.  As your mind really isn’t helping you here, because we’ve carried painful memories for so many years we believe it’s difficult to get rid of them.

Dissolve Heavy Emotions Quickly

There is no need for you to re-live any traumatic experiences, as it was bad enough having to go through them in the first place. With NLP it isn’t necessary at all to go back and talk about it to move on. By changing that mental movie to release you, you can continue your life in a happy, productive, confident way – lifting the weight of your shoulders and leaving the past behind. NLP is a powerful technology that can dissolve heavy emotions quickly allowing freedom to be at one with yourself.

Understanding How Your Brain Works

With a combination of NLP and hypnosis you will start to understand how your brain works how you can let go of the pain from the past quickly. Debbie will help wipe out images, movies and disturbing flash backs stored in your mind and she will do it in a way that you do not have to feel anything by scrambling any old uncomfortable memories then programming in a brighter future for you.  Just like re-taping over an old videotape, replacing it with a much better one. You may have to do this exercise 2 or 3 times to completely diminish trauma but be persistent, it will be worth it to be free.

Healing From Within

Debbie will take you into a trance to naturally will lift any stress from you whilst preparing you to do the work to overcome childhood abuse for good. You don’t have to do anything just find yourself a comfortable place where you can switch off for a while and heal over the days ahead as you feel lighter. The more you listen the more you’ll let go and look forward to going into trance and how pleasant it really can be and then using the NLP exercises you can work with specific situations/feelings and thoughts that need to be neutralised.


It’s the combination that will really help you overcome the past. It may take a bit of time to understand the exercises and to take away layers of memories but it will be worth it.  It’s a good idea to listen to the trance track every day and the others 2-3 time a week for 60 days to reassure any concerns you have and if you haven’t benefited from this recording after that time, we will be happy to refund you.

Complimentary Therapy

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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