The Portal


  • Beautiful Visualisation To Give You Help
    For Cancer.
  • Authored By Kathy Welter-Nichols.
  • Available As A CD And MP3 Download.
  • Complementary Therapy For Cancer.
  • Useful To Promote Healing, Rest, Wellbeing,
    Pain Relief And A Positive Outlook.
  • Easy To Order And Easy To Use.
  • Complementary Help For Cancer
    Simply By Listening
  • Full length hypnotherapy recording
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

Beautiful Guided Visualisation and Self Hypnosis Recordings Kathy Welter-Nichols

We are delighted to be able to provide you with 'The Portal', a beautiful, guided visualization and self hypnosis recording by Master hypnotherapist, Kathy Welter-Nichols designed specifically to assist you in your fight against cancer and other life threatening illnesses.This full length guided visualization came about as a result of Kathy™s work with patients undergoing treatment for life threatening illnesses. This recording has been used by many patients while receiving Chemotherapy and treatment for their illness. Kathy guides the inner vision to direct the intervening therapies directly to those cells needing it. Clients have found it an invaluable addition to their wellness solutions. A beautiful, relaxing, comforting guided imagery much needed during one of life’s most trying moments.

In What Ways Are The Recordings Useful

  • They promote deep rest and calm. Proper rest is essential to aid the body and mind in both fighting disease and recovery from it
  • A more positive outlook. We are not saying that positive thinking is everything, but most will agree that it helps.
  • Pain Relief - One of the best known uses for hypnotherapy
  • Help you cope living day to day with a diagnosis of cancer

Positive Suggestions And Deep Relaxation To Help You

We are not claiming that 'The Portal' will help cancer (such a claim is illegal in many countries - for good reason, and it is obviously crucial that you to pursue conventional medical treatment in addition to any complementary help with fighting cancer).So whilst these recordings are full of hypnotic suggestions for you to overcome cancer they are also designed to ease your stress and anxiety about the disease, and to help you to rest more easily and improve the quality of your sleep. It seems likely that more rest and the more positive an attitude you have, the more you will find it easier to cope each day. One of the well-known functions of sleep is to allow the body time and space to focus on healing, and good rest is seen by many to be an important key to recovering from illness.So although we are not suggesting that these self hypnosis recordings will provide an overnight miracle recovery for cancer, we are confident that they will help you feel less stressed, feel more relaxed and will help engender a more positive state of mind. And it is on this basis that they are guaranteed.

Complimentary Help for Cancer �'The Portal’

Self Hypnosis Recording - 42:52 mins.

A few words from Kathy Welter:

’Cancer seems to find it’s way into so many lives today and the increasing numbers seem to have a reflection in the high paced life styles we live. Learning to relax, and receive, let go, and heal are the messages deeply anchored in this work. I have had the privilege to walk these many miles with so many and know that many had a great success with their experience, so much so it changed their lives, which to me, is what the experience of a life threatening illness is about. Do we change? How can we? To me that is the essence of securing the victory. I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you'

Music By Paul Armitage

all CD’s & MP3’s with Kathy & Harry are accompanied by Paul Armitage, with individual musical arrangments designed specifically to enhance the voice and images, while assisting the right brain in deepening the experience through his healing music

Praise for The Portal

'I used The Portal while undergoing surgery for a uterine tumor. It was so helpful and so relaxing I found myself excited about going for Chemo sessions! My relaxed calm state was often commented on by the staff, and there was never a problem with IV’s or me being tense. I developed easy happy relationships with nurses and doctors and found this CD became a staple in my life which I think contributed to my own shifts in decisions about the work I was doing, and choosing to go after my own life dreams on recovery.'

PW, Calgary Alberta

'The diagnosis of Breast Cancer was stunning. I wasn’t ready for it at all. Thankfully I met Kathy and she provided me with her CD’s which I listened to daily. This in conjunction with changing my foods to more fruits, vegetables in concentrates as well as going through all the treatments, both my husband and I feel contributed to the success outcome I had.'

MI, Coquitlam BC

When a recent friend was diagnosed with cancer I called Kathy immediately and picked her up a copy of this CD, as I’d used it during my own treatments and found it so helpful. You really feel like you are part of your recovery, like you are contributing too, not just laying there and having everyone do everything to you, but actually using your own mind to help heal yourself. It was very powerful for me.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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